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  • Hey, Just wondered if people want to be open about the cost and size of their portfolio,

    I have £750 deposited and Value now is around £840, Also i have 31 People ranging from 10 shares to 50 Shares

    I would like to trim my portfolio and invest more into less people but not sure how to do that now!

  • @Dragon4Life 6000 in 30 players. Only 8 in the green but divs are covering the drops. You need to be patient and set a sell order when one of your players spikes. I personally wouldn't hold any player less then 50 shares. You want the get the benefits of a good payout if and when your player comes good. It's not the best time to be selling any players imo, so many are below their peaks but I'm hoping there will be steady growth from now on. Well... after the order books are fully functioning anyway

  • Yeah I am not planning on putting anymore money in as this was just for a bit of fun and not "Gambling" on Bookie websites which i did a lot in the past.

    I never going to make money really with how little i put in just like to see the divs and selling for small profits etc

  • 22 players 50 futures in most, couple up to 75.

    £1095 cost

    £1250 total value

    c£400 in dividends (mostly through x5 IPD’s)

    Net deposits £1482 so dividends earned wipe out my piss poor first few months (joined in May)

    I’ve shit myself and sold up 3 times, re-bought back in 3 times and wasted profit in the process but feel better rounded for it.

    Looking forward to more stable balanced trading now I’ve learnt a bit more.


  • 1752 shares across 38 players. Little over 5k invested (but in the red for value at present). Only been in since August so my experience so far has been "mixed" to put it mildly...

  • 3,499 shares in 84 players

    Net deposits - £3,031
    Value - £4,650
    Divs - £375 (£285 earned since Jan 20)

  • 4.87k up 7.94%

    made some schoolboy errors , seem to be winning it round now , that said so many of my portfolio didn't play this week due to injury etc - made it all quite dull.

    Biggest winning player on divs =Ganago ( injured now)

    Biggest upturn in share price Guirassy

    Biggest Downturn - Harvey Elliot my first purchase

    Biggest Gain converted - Brewster

  • 38 Players with shares ranging from 50 to 200. Eclectic mix of PB candidates, youth hopefuls and real cheap punts for a golden day.

    £550 or 27% profit Mid Price

  • 111 players, 29'189 shares, £22k deposited, £29.4k port value (mid price valuation) £5253 divs earned since jan 2019, lowest shares in a player 50, most 1001
    Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 19.03.34.png
    Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 19.03.47.png

  • Port value - £2,320
    Deposited - £2,000
    44 players averaging anywhere between 15 and 100 shares in each. I completely get @AndydfopT point about not worth having 10/20 shares in a player and he's right so I do want to either sell a few holds and invest bigger in my elite players but for now I'm quite happy making the odd few quid from players and then bigger dividends when my keepers come good (I hold around 60-100 of each of my keepers).

    I also buy small amounts of players sometimes to get a feel for their price before investing big, and also I get 10/20 of players for quick flips to keep it low risk.

  • Rejoined 9th Jul 2020
    Net Deposits = £2888.35
    Current Value = £3421.62
    Divs = £267.55

    42 players. All GKs.

  • Currently 60 players in port, £6000 invested three and a bit years ago taken £1000 out, current value just under £14000.

  • @Harmonica good work!

  • @Dragon4Life Its hard to say exactly what to do as its a personal choice really.

    However best advice I can give you is dont spread yourself to thin, nothing worse than picking a winner and only having a handful of shares.
    You want to make sure that you have enough in each hold its worth the while IMO.

    Id maybe try and scale that down to 15 players or so.

    To give you an idea I like to either try and hold 500+ shares, or have atleast £500 in the hold, at a minimum.
    In a perfect world each hold has 1000 shares.

  • @Kanzz looking at @Dragon4Life current investment it is impossible for him/her to have 500 shares in players and enjoy the game.

    Perhaps divide the 500 by 10 and aim for 50 in each to start with then build up from there. When I started my minimum per player was 10, I had a £250 initial deposit which I topped up to £500 soon after.

    My minimum is now 100 shares although I do have a few still around 50 or 60 that I am topping up on or leaving alone to sell on a spike and get rid of for good. I now have a £6000 port of 55 players.

    As your port grows your minimum will grow with it as you top up. I would only trim your port if you have identified where you want to put the money from sales.

  • @Kipper72 Sound advice and would agree with that, walk before you can run.

    My model isnt as gospel, just trying to show the guy its best to have a "system" and give him an idea of how it might work.

    I started out with 50 shares in each hold when I first joined and wasnt sure, then eventually went to 100 etc etc.

  • I would agree with trying to get more shares in each player you hold. I do have players I only have a few shares in, but I am gradually adding to those from dividends that come in. Select the players you want going forward and invest more in those. I do have a few that I want to get rid of and will invest more in my longer term holds.

    I have shares in players that aren't involved in CL/EL that I want to dispose of and will do when the opportunity arrises

  • current port size: £4k
    shares: 2887
    players : about 250
    profit £377
    indextrak shows i have beaten the market every month since i joined in january.

  • @jonathan-rolfe strategy: diversification and variety. having a lot of well researched players means i can top up those most off peak or with biggest spreads

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