Steven Berghuis

  • Hi lads, first post so take it easy on me haha.

    I don't have much cash on here so I have tried to find what I think could be value lower down in the market and I really like what I see with this guy so I have put together a little report. Please feel free to leave thoughts and let me know if this type of thing is OK.

    Steven Berghuis - 29/12/1991 - Stands at 1.82m - Left Footed - Right Wing Forward - Feyenoord Captain

    17/18 Season - 18 goals and 14 assists in 31 appearances
    18/19 Season - 12 goals and 12 assists in 33 appearances
    19/20 Season - 15 goals and 7 assists in 24 appearances

    He has started this season on fire with 6 goals and 2 assists in the first 5 games.

    His contract ends in the summer of 2022 and he has openly stated he wants to test himself again at a higher level. preferably Germany. Next summer, he will only have a year left on his contract so this will be Feyenoord's last chance to get a decent fee for him. Researching into him, he had a couple of offers to leave on loan during the last window but his club did not want to take that option regardless of if there was fee involved at the end as they want to challenge for the title this season.

    Technically he is really good player and is on all set pieces for Feyenoord which should bode well for him if he can get a move and snatch set piece duties for the potential club and in the mean time he has Europa League games for his club. He is a regular in the Dutch squad and usually comes of the bench if he does not start.

    I have gone in for a few hundred after matching at what I think is a good price and I think I will keep hold until next summer. My only worry is a new contract but all the sounds coming from him is that he wants to play at a higher level. As stated above, please feel free to let me know your thoughts.


  • @NewUser642821 If I scroll down my port I find a holding of Berghuis too and have had him for a while now. Will simply have to hold and hope he looks for a move in Jan or next summer. He can clearly finish well and has had some backing from the national side, so he could repay the faith. There is some risk that he moves to Ajax though, based on previous paper spec but who knows. I think there might be better places for cash right now though, in players playing in PB leagues right now and ready to return some divs.
    I hope you're right though 👍🏻

    Last point....if you go to your user profile and change your username you will get more traction on here.

  • Have held Berguis since the beginning of the year, held him through the drop and topped up, and am now sitting at an Average Price of 40p.

    I expect him to move to Europe, but it’s a high risk, if he doesn’t look likely to move next summer, I will be selling him during the Euros at what is hopefully a peak with him and Malen (who I also hold) tearing it up at the tournament.

    I think he’s a good enough hold, but if you have a small port and look for value at the bottom of the market, make sure not to go for too many players like Berguis, make sure you focus on players that’ll be staying in PB Leagues no matter what. Berguis IS price is 23p, and because of the risk associated with him it’s 23p for a reason.

  • Had a little spike about a week ago (where I chose to exit) but I think if you can get a low price through IS, he's not a bad bet. Was expecting heavy Euros involvement before the pandemic but hard to say with Frank de Boer now in charge. Can't argue that he's not in great form at the moment!

  • He was interviewed recently and said he was open to a move to the United States.

    His recent rise is due to the European cup and the possibility of him being in the Dutch squad. He has a good scoring record, in the Dutch league, just like Quincy Promes, but both are bog standard outside that league.

  • just missed a pen ffs

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