Timo Werner, Leroy Sane, Marcus Reus

  • What do you think guys, is he worth buying ? Do you think he will go over £4

    Main striker for Germany,
    Transfer rumours (linked with Liverpool few months back),
    Top performer for his club ,

    Also what do you think of Leroy sane and Marcus Reus . Are they worth buying at their current price?

  • Werner has risen alot already so u run the risk he gets his transfer sorted and drops some value and your left with him. As for Reus, I'm not sure myself, could make the Germany squad and may be a good investment but equally could be left out through a lack of fitness, I don't know enuf about him to know. Sane, is an easy one, world class player, will undoubtedly be amazing for years to come but not a strong FI player under the current scoring system so your unlikely to win more than the odd random dividend on single game days. So your value would purely be through capital appreciation but there's no reason to think he'll go up if he's not scoring high on PB and doesn't appear to have strong MB scores either. So I'd avoid him.

  • I have Werner. Hoping he will be first choice for Germany which could increase his price. Could he be Lewandowski’s replacement at Bayern or have rumours of Lewa going to Madrid stopped?

  • @John-Renwick I think you're quite good at this game so I may think of offloading Sane based on what you have said. I bought him around £1 less than he is now, so selling him would make me a decent profit. I've noticed Man City players don't do well in the media, even ones like Sterling who is English and he is another player I hold. He has scored nearly 20 league goals for a winger not a striker and still he has no MB. I should probably offload Sterling too during the World Cup when he is at his peak. Jesus seems to get little MB also and he's a third Man City player I own. People do keep buying all three of them though so it may be worth keeping hold until people stop.

  • @NewUser81859 I’ve got Reus and he’s been excellent in a poor Dortmund team since his return from injury! Two PBs already and his stats don’t lie. World class! Only issue is I’m not sure there is any transfer spec for him!

  • @NewUser59855 jeez... You're putting me under pressure now, the man city players who have risen in the last few months has most likely been due to their progress in the CL (playing on days where there's less games but have triple PB available) and their domination in most games. Once those PB opportunities are gone those players don't hold the same value anymore. So some value may be held if players still have PB opportunities in the world cup but I wouldn't know how much value that will be as I've never experienced an international tournament. So like any PB players I'd sell up and pick them up again when everyone let's go of them at a lower price. Then do the same thing all over again next season if u feel these players will perform the same way. Only other value is MB and like you say, Man City players aren't historically great for MB so that could be irrelevant.

  • @John-Renwick I'll keep them until the world cup and then sell. I reckon people will buy them during world cup because they are playing in it.

  • It’s all down to the World Cup, how they perform etc . With Germany being one of the favourites u would expect the price to increase.

    Werner and Sane definetley going, Reus 50/50% but I personally think he will go.

    If Reus goes I expect him to go over £2.
    Werner I expect him to reach the £4 mark
    With Sane it all depends on how he performs.

  • I think the Sane argument is a good one. Appreciate that the current scoring system doesn’t necessarily favour him but a goal scoring midfielder is always in with a shout. I think £3.80 is probably about his peak but think he’s in with a good shout of returning 25p-30p a year in dividends (admittedly nothing so far). Also the number of goals he scores will go a way to holding value despite the difficulty in scoring pb. I’m in a similar position to newuser as I’m sitting on c.£1 a share capital appreciation at the moment.

  • @R9Kennard yeah can see much transfer spec this summer as he recently signed a new contract which stung me badly. I bought him a couple of days before hand with a view to the WC and links to Liverpool etc.... Ouch.

    We learn and move on.

  • Sane is an interesting one. We don't yet know what effect on the market someone having an impressive WC will have - and he's certainly capable of this . Yes it's logical that he won't rise much , but the market isn't always logical! I'm holding for now anyway.

  • @NewUser81859 for me sane is another KDB. Amazing real world player not such a great FI player.

  • @Noirx4 Yes, this seems to be the case. As I put before I hold Sterling, Jesus and Sane and none of them have scored me any MB in 6 months apart from maybe a few times, not even when Manchester City were announced PL Champions. As for PB I think only Jesus has won me some a very long time ago. They're a waste of money. I think selling them when people buy them up during the World Cup is the best thing to do for me.

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