• Hi folks.Just on the hunt for a new investment and Tielemens looks an interesting prospect. I guess the bet is on whether Leicester pick up some form and whether he will be part of that. Looks to be starting games, getting good on scores this season (considering he's lacking any goals/assists). Seen him play a while ago and he seems the type to make things happen, but with his price falling steady over the past year - what's his form been like?

  • @NewUser611084 Last season up until mid-December he was phenomenal. He and Maddison ran the show in front of Ndidi. Bar the odd game, he was very poor throughout the second half of the season. This year he's looked good again since coming back, albeit without many goal/assist contributions so far.

    At his current price, I think he's a decent bet and he starts whenever fit. Think his PB game will improve with age too, people forget he's only 23 as he broke through so young. Plus he has the Euros with Belgium too nad he starts for the national side, in a deeper midfield role.

  • The only issue would be that he tends to play the lass that unlocks the defence, before the assist.

    Aside from that, great hold. If he gets further forward, fantastic.

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