• Messi is my biggest holding on the index. It was a no brainer - he earnt the most performance-based dividends last season and there is a good chance of him earning the most from media this one. But the Messi I've watched this season looks very different to the one I know. He isn't dominating games - he isn't looking head and shoulders above the rest. Tactics are playing a part perhaps and maybe motivation too. But in the back of my head I am worried that about regression and motivation alone doesn't really negate the effects of under-performance. Sevilla aside, Barcelona have had kind fixtures too.

    I’m not panicking – I’m not selling my shares beyond 10% to soften my holding. It’s not uncommon for big players to start slowly and he looks perfectly placed for dividends Today. But if he doesn’t deliver I think we can expect a healthy drop off ahead of fixtures against Real and Juve, which are obviously less dividend friendly.

    What are the thoughts of holders and non-holders alike?

  • If he doesn't start performing he may drop, but imagine the media come January

  • @Timmy I've avoided Messi, solely due to his age, as I've always been concerned that the dividends won't cover the loss in value (keeping in mind that, as he deteriorates, he won't keep pulling in those historic dividend yields).

    However, the media pull of a potential transfer is a bit of a game changer and I can see a bit more now why people might get involved. He's probably a prime case for trading between the spread, as he will have ups and downs depending on how he performs. He'll certainly have outstanding games again, but realistically, they will start to become less frequent as time goes by.

    If I held now, unless you are concerned and want to de-risk, I would probably hold to at least January as the media could be good. I would also expect Messi to be one of the main beneficiaries of any media review.

  • I hold over 2000 currently. Keep holding my friend and hope his performances keep dwindling at Barcelona. Manchester City will be on high alert and will do whatever it takes to sign the goat 🐐

    The many think that Sancho will be the ‘hot topic’ in January or the summer...history has proved, that Messi is a FAR bigger story. Enjoy the ridiculous MB dividends payouts very soon..

    My main dilemma is the exit City, he would be an easy £8. One of the only players on the index that could genuinely return you 100% of your investment at his current buy price. 👍🏼 ATITH @Advinculas-Index 👍🏼

  • @Mintyfresh my plan was always to rake in the PB until January and then try and time the sell during the peak MB of his potential City move.

    But the PB side of things is not going to plan, bar a few IPD he got me, he hasn't done much yet but still plenty of time before January. His price will hold well I think with the City move still on the cards.

  • I suspect Messi will win more than £6 divs over next 3 years. Frequent winner too so great for compounding either straight back into him or into IPD players to keep the money rolling in.

  • I see him as one of my safest holds for all the reasons you outlined. If he maintains his level he's a goldmine, if he drops, it will fuel further news speculation. I've used the last few weeks to buy in more at bargain prices. He's my second biggest hold in terms of cost and number of shares (after Bruno).

  • Cheers all - I agree with the comments. My concern is that the diminished performances might stifle a move to City. It won't change all the speculation and I agree re. the benefits of a media review, but I think everything needs to be underpinned by those performances.

    Fingers crossed he starts performing soon. I brought him because I believe, as others do, that he would soar above £7 in January, having already delivered some dividends on the way. And on the plus side - if he is performing like this out of unhappiness (and he certainly isnt happy), then there is less danger of him signing a new contract.

  • All the performances were he doesn't show up fits with the criteria of being a unhappy player.

    He hasn't suddenly lost his ability from last season to this.

    If they want Depay they may to bite the bullet & finally agree to set Messi free.

    Either way, it's looking more & more likely a media storm is brewing & Messi will get his move.

    Perfect time to buy in.

  • @Coriolanus the risk though is what will his price be in 3 years? His current IS is £5.70, so £6 in divs would give me a 10p profit, per share, each year, which is pretty measly unless the share still has value.

    Not saying he's a bad buy at all and I agree he could be one of the big dividend winners for at least the next year, but I do think you have to consider both the potential dividend yield and the CA on any potential purchase. If you're happy with the numbers then, by all means dive in.

  • @Benzemabob said in Messi:

    I see him as one of my safest holds for all the reasons you outlined. If he maintains his level he's a goldmine, if he drops, it will fuel further news speculation. I've used the last few weeks to buy in more at bargain prices. He's my second biggest hold in terms of cost and number of shares (after Bruno).

    Who’s this guy Bruno then? Never heard of him 🤣

  • @Mintyfresh worrying too much about CA is a risky game now. you cant guarantee selling your bets anymore. we've seen some top priced players with no IS in recent weeks and months... whos to say we wont be in a similar position when its time to sell your shares.

    In terms of players who can win their price back in Divs...Messi has to be one of the most likely. That means anything you sell for is additional profit.

    But also as I say... the compounding opportunity will present a lot of profit.

  • @Coriolanus absolutely. It just feels that Messi has become an excellent player to flip between the spread and make quicker money on, rather than just buy and hold for the dividends over 3 years, due to his age and the talk that, if he goes to City, it's a 2-year project before he goes to the MLS.

    Also, trading in and out refreshes the IPD each time (although that would be a bonus, on top of any gains, as he's too expensive to simply flip for IPDs).

    Just my thoughts, but I can certainly see the logic for buying and then just kicking back.

  • @Mintyfresh ah yeh ...loads of strategies. I do short term... im not for a minute saying he will be the most profitable buy on the platform. or that holding for 3 years through peaks and troughs is the best way to trade.... I don't trade that way

    you do need to consider worst case scenarios and difficulty selling tho when you value or risk profile a player. Id say hes low risk and the worst case is pretty good. i.e. you have to hold him for 3 years and cant sell... probably still going to be quite profitable.

    juxtaposed of my recent buys for example is illicic … lots of potential reward ...but one bad injury and ive probably lost my full stake as he wont win any media, even if he retired tomorrow it wouldn't be as news worthy as the latest EPL drama.

    But if Illicic stays fit and puts in the PB performances anything like last season...then it'll be way more profitable than messi.

  • @Mintyfresh RE flipping the big boys... on paper, so easy... in practice so hard haha. Got to be disciplined. I bought Neymar less than a week ago... and now, probably pre kick off I could IS for £1 a share profit! But... with the likes of Neymar and Messi... how hard is it to pull the button and then not have them for the match! Even though you know more often than not the wise move is to take the guaranteed money on the table and buy back in a couple of days as the spread widens again! I mean... Neymar could have no IS briefly if he were to get sent off or injured again tonight... could bank £500 and buy back the same number of shares again. But... he might score 2, win star man and mb

  • @Coriolanus timing is everything, probably now more than ever. I'm normally pretty good at my timing on buying, but I know I'm not so good on timing the exit, for the exact reason you say. I've got a fairly diverse port, but probably only about 5 of which bring in semi regular dividends and I probably have kept all of them too long, but I always fear that a good performance will push their price up further, meaning I might not only miss out on the match day divs, but it could cost me more to buy back in on too.

  • if messi wants to go to city it will be a free transfer and his choice and he could make hat decision in January..........

    is not what his contract says??

    as long as he tells Barca he is leaving before the end of the season its a free.

  • Someone just market bought 1000 messi's at past 4pm, don't understand that

  • @Pez

    Hardly anyone is selling due to the CL easy game tonight. Guy must think he’s value and although I wouldn’t buy 1000 I see where he’s coming from.

  • @Archer22 surely you'd just wait for tomorrow or the weekend, very tough game coming up against Madrid, surely right before an easy game and great opportunity for PB is the worst time to market buy?

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