European super league

  • Its happening then.

    Personally, I'm against this. It seems rushed and self serving. Ultimately, aside from more profits for a few already elite clubs, whats the point?

    That said, what does this mean for FI and my holds? Fewer games? More games? PB league holds to grow even more, non PB holds to decrease in value if no champions league?

  • I don't see it happening, seems to routinely pop up every few years since about the year 2000.

    Too many associations / bodies will block it, that's without the fan backlash across all of Europe.

    That said, i'd expect a shake up of some sorts in the not to distant future.

  • If they go through with it, they absolutely should NOT be allowed to play in their domestic leagues at the same time. Let them go and if it all goes wrong, don't let them back into domestic leagues unless it is starting from scratch again in non-league.

    The level of greed is sickening. Leave them to have their own league. Don't allow the players to represent their national teams either. That said, I suspect it is a plan to negotiate better Champions League terms for themselves such as guaranteed qualification regardless of league position. They'll probably want more games too so that they can make more money and then they'll keep moaning that they play too many games 🙄

  • @Leighton very self-serving indeed. I personally see this as a second part of the project 'big picture', hence the proposals for that were mooted to involve less teams in the league (18 rather than 20) and pull premier league teams out of the carabao cup opening up the possibility for the 'Big Six' who proposed it to be free to play in a super league.
    In terms of holds, it would depend on how many comps the players will play in. Also if it did happen, they would technically be playing against a better quality of opposition week in week out, therefore I would predict lower average gameday scoring and no/less 'easy teams' on the fixture list.

  • Money talks, so I wouldn't rule anything out, but I suspect this is all part of the planned CL revamp, which is always a bit of a power struggle between UEFA and the top clubs, until they reach a compromise.

    Whatever happens, I can't see the top English clubs walking away from the PL right now, so even if this happened, I think it would replace the CL, not the domestic leagues.

  • WIth the loss of income from the covid lockdown period it was a pretty obvious time for them to get this idea up & running again. Anything to secure extra income & minimise any more upstart clubs like Leipzig becoming powerhouses.

  • @Boris999 Yeh that's the way to deal with it. Because our owners are wankers fuck over thousands of match going fans and ban them from their own domestic competitions.

  • England doesn't need a European Super League Europe does,same as Brexit.

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