Europa League v Champions League

  • What are people’s views on the value of picking players from either competition?

    Europa = more teams so more gold days, but more non PB leagues involved. Lower standard so more chance of lower priced players winning PB?

    Chammy = less non PB teams, but greater chance of top players dominating. Mostly going to be silver days so less divs on offer for winning PB?

    I’m not sure which side of the fence to prefer in terms of my selections of teams and players.


  • @Palmwa43 my only takeaway from this is that you called it 'Chammy' - cute haha. I've not seen that used ever but I quite like it.

  • I treat Europa League and Champions League players about the same.

    I would look at which teams are in their group, what odds the team have of winning the whole tournament.

    CL tougher competition more gold days, EL easier games more silver days, weighs up about the same.

    I’m focusing on favourites to go deep into each tournament, more matches and multipliers for TOTM etc.

    There can be big mismatches in CL too, look at Barca tonight 👍

  • Got gold and silver games ,wrong way around 🤣

  • @Palmwa43

    The Europa, seems a little easier to predict than the UCL. English and Spanish clubs have dominated the last decade, given the amount of cash in football now, I'd say that trend could continue.

    Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 16.51.37.png

    The tournament king Mourinho in his 2nd year at Spurs, with arguably the best attacking partnership in football (outside the Champions League anyhow). If Kane wasn't so injury prone and Spurs weren't the giant chokers they are, I'd say it's their year.

    Will be interesting to see is Napoli or Roma can change things up.

  • The Europa league is easier to predict, but the line ups are much easier to predict in the CL so it is quite hard to call which is more investible..

    There are a lot of easy looking games in the Europa, but quite often you will find managers putting out youth team and second string players in these kind of fixtures especially the bigger teams. In the CL it is generally the normal first team players who start, unless qualification is secured with a game or two to go and dead rubber.

    I tend to see the Europa group ties more for flipping type players and CL more for hold type players due to the above reason in difficulty predicting team line ups

  • I tend to go for the pb players in champions league that'll probably Finish 3rd and drop into Europa league where they'll probably try and play better.

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