What are phrases that people hate?

  • Not having a go at the people who use these phrases, but something about these I just absolutely hate. Thought it would be a fun post to see what people say haha!

    I’ll start off with a few I strongly despise

    “They’re going to spike in price” (or any use of the word ‘spike’ in general)
    “For me they’re a long term hold”
    “Media darling” (this one is probably the one I hate the most)
    “PB king”

    Show me what you hate!

    EDIT: credit to @howsthebacon i agree, ‘rocket’ is also something that I find very jarring haha

  • 'I own 20 shares'
    'Flipping between the spread'

    Il come back to this. Great thread

  • Media darling is a bit cringe but not sure why you hate 'long term hold' - I tend to split my holds into players I'd happily sell for profit if a chance came along and players who it would take a huge bid to get rid of because I intend on building my hold and keeping them for as long as possible. I'm not sure what better phrase I could use for the latter?

    And lets not shit on people who own 20 shares in a player, it's all relative. I have about 2500 in my port but still have some players where I only own 20 shares, you have to start somewhere. When I first started and only had say 500/1000 in my port, I would be a bit embarrassed to admit how few shares I had having seen the numbers some people trade in.

    I do find the whole rockets obsession a bit cringe, especially when it refers to a slight rise in a player haha.

  • I like this response, very fair and honest, same, I still have 20 shares in a few people, just to see how the market reacts.

    As an English as a foreign language teacher, there's plenty I hate. Here are a few:

    "It is what it is". What? How can this be considered contribution to any conversation??!!

    Using "super" as a superlative, instead of saying he's the greatest, they say, he's super great. You're super f***kin annoying!!

    "See you later" when there's no chance I will ever see you again, never mind later. It comes across as threatening to me, especially when delivered by the old lady at the Aldi checkout!!

    On this platform, I hate the following phrases;

    "An update will be coming sometime soon"
    "We have listened to your feedback and ...."
    "NASDAQ" yep, any mention of it, just get it done!!!

  • I might be a miserable man but I absolutely hate...

    'CHEERS' and you clink your glasses together..

    Wow I never do that and never will.

  • @HoseLayingLorry said in What are phrases that people hate?:

    I might be a miserable man but I absolutely hate...

    'CHEERS' and you clink your glasses together..

    Wow I never do that and never will.

    Cheers for letting us know 🍻 🥂 😂

  • Anything a bit too pumpy. 😏 I’m defo guilty of a few over exuberant “choo‘’s choo’s 🚂 ” back in the day when Pogba was creaming the MB every night- but when ppl say shit like “he’ll be £15 by Christmas! Hurry up” or “he’s the new sancho/Neymar! Don’t miss out” when there is actually very little evidence to back it up....that just annoys me. It implies they think ppl are dumb and will slap the buy button because you said so.
    It also annoys me when sportsman say “early doors....we will get at them early doors” 😐 Really? It’s not a fucking pub.

  • It also annoys me when ppl refer to a player as a “PB giant” or “beast”. When their PB is in-fact very very average. I’m not having a go @jonathan-rolfe 😄

  • Not a phrase, but hopes labelled as facts. "X player will be in the EPL next year". FFS. I want rationale.

  • Criminally underpriced, a twitter fave.

  • @Tom77 said in What are phrases that people hate?:

    Criminally underpriced, a twitter fave.

    Mate, that is Jaffa. It’s all kind of annoying that statement.

  • "Unprecedented times" drives me Fooking loopy 😫😡

  • 'No-brainer' has to be up there for me...

  • @Andy I absolutely despise the phrase 'with respect' it's so bloody condescending

  • I'm quite tired of "F*** off, you c***"

  • I get sick of hearing “Messi will struggle with his PB”.....goes and wins PB GOAT!

  • Brilliant post, bit of light hearted humour to read for once!
    'Flipping for IPD's' is wearing thin on me...

  • In everyday life, I wince when someone says “my bad”. It’s one of the those in vogue saying that ppl feel they have to copy to be cool.

  • "Vanaken is coming to a PB league".

  • "Buy the dip"
    "Trade between the spreads"

    I'm much more of a sauce man.

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