Kimmich, Kane & De Bruyne

  • Just wondering if i should add more now or wait until the next international break?

    I’m not sure what’s going to happen, either:

    -They will fall in price as people cash out at the end of birthday part 2. I’m assuming a fair few people have short term money on FI atm.

    -They are on a one way trip to the £7 club

    Also Lewendowski, do you see him dropping below £3 at the end of October? Or are increased divs going to keep him £3+?

    What are your thoughts?

  • @NewUser610639 I think Kane is the slightly unpredictable one. I’m not sure I would buy now while he’s very very hot. Perhaps better to pick him up in a lull or when injured. Kimmich and Lewa are safe money regardless. Both are at least worth what they are valued at now given their potential for dividend returns. Whereas Kane can blow hot and cold the Bayern pair are absolute machines. Utterly consistent.

  • Have been in a similar situation recently, wondering whether any of the premium PB winners like these guys will drop again. Maybe around the point the 1p limit gets taken off but trying not to guess when that might be.

    I can see them only going up to be fair, Kimmich could hit £8 so I've been topping up on him and bought a few more Lewas s I already had him at a pretty low price.

    Might see some slight stoppage in the international break but I've been topping up every so often myself just in case they don't.

  • Also I echo Richio's point about Kane, out of the three he is the one who could have one quiet game and drop in price. Kimmich and KDB aren't as reliant on purple patches to get PB, they can have pretty average games and score high.

  • @howsthebacon and they have average games about once every three months! Lewa had his yesterday (and his price hasn’t shifted a penny).

  • Every div I get at the minute is going straight into Kimmich.

  • Some good points about Kane vs Kim and Lew. I think choosing one or the other i’d definitely be more annoyed letting Kimmich get away than Kane. Especially with Lew available at nearly half the price of Kane.

  • I hold Kimmich and Kane, at the moment I would opt for Kimmich.
    With Kane I bought in originally because of his MB potential. Especially in the build up to Euros and then the World Cup, also there’s the potential for ManU speculation in January/Summer so a good long term hold regardless - but I agree his value at this current time is unpredictable.

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