• Hi all,
    Have my portfolio value set at "MID PRICE"in the options section and have had it set to this since that option became available as i think it portrays a more realistic value..however..when viewing my portfolio,although the "grand total"at the top of my total portfolio value is correct in line with the mid prices,,,each individual player is shown at the current buy price..HELP..anyone else got this problem..regards Martin.

  • i have a problem that has happened today for the first time though i don think its the same. loads of players who are up in price but the total shown for the hold being in negative. eg up 4p per share but overall down 50 p for the hold. i dont know if this effects the port value which is strangely down today when loads of players including kubo have risen.

    i imagine it's a technical glitch

  • i see what you mean. in fact my problem is the same as yours.

    Just a technical glitch happened me too. Signed in later in the day and was fine

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