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  • Hey i dont know if this is a stupid question but im relativley new to the index and have been watching how a lot of the share prices change to try and get a ⁿidea of how it works. Why is thomas parteys price so low? Given that he has won so many media dividends since transfer deadline day and he is a relativley good player who isnt going to retire any time soon. I think he has won about 35p worth of media dividends since he moved to arsenal and his price is £1.30ish so thats over a 25% yield.

    Is it just because people think the buzz is very temporary? But then it seems like when there is temporary buzz around other players with worse long term prospects (e.g. cavani) they go to a higher price.

    Anyway apologies this is a bit of a brain dump but does anyone have any insight into why his price has remained (relativley) low

  • @NewUser9296 he’s essentially a holding midfielder, so he’s not going to be picking up IPDs and his PB game isn’t exceptional, so his only appeal is media, and I’d expect that to die down now.

  • @NewUser9296

    Hi bud a lot of people would have bought him on the news of the transfer and sold.

    People will be waiting to see how he settles in 1st. I'm in for 50 tbh a lot of Arsenal mid players haven't risen alot Xhaka and Ceballos I've held and got rid off. Party can steal balls hold up play and could add a few assists .Arsenal haven't got him in for nothing I think he's worth a chance .
    Unfortunately any players I buy normally turn into submarines rather than the rockets
    that everyone else buys 🤭.

  • @NewUser9296 once the transfer media buzz around him dies down he could struggle to earn dividends. Will have to see what sort of pb scores he gets, but to win midfielder pb a lot of the candidates are set piece takers, which Im sure he won't be.

  • He absolutely ran the game last night, albeit a game where Arsenal struggled against a team starting an on-loan Barnsley left back!

    However, what he has shown is that he is very capable in the number 4 role but could also be capable in the number 8 role if Arsenal bring in another number 4. And that, would be serious work for both Arsenal and Partey holders.

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