francisco trincao? keep or drop?

  • Obviously i bought him at around £2.20 before he had moved to barca about a year ago , and thought he'd be coming to barca jan 2021, but he is already here. His price has dropped to £1.86?
    what do you think? will he rise ?
    I bought him cause of the hype, and i didnt particularly rate him?
    it would be stupid right to sell him?
    his 20.
    if i sell i lose £0.58 per share ahhh

    my fav players on the index:
    jules kounde
    lucas hernandez
    jack harrison

  • Going to be very difficult to get Pb especially as he ill end up an impact player over this first year. Like anyone at Barca he's in Messi shadow as long as he is there, he's clearly talented but for the next year at least i wouldn't be buying in until it becomes clear what Messi does and what other players role would be. Sit and suffer basically would be my advice.

  • If Griezmann keeps playing like he does there's a chance Trincao takes his place I suppose! On the other hand Pedri looks pretty good so who knows how much he'll play!?

  • @hman543 The challenge you have with Trincao isn't necessarily that he was overhyped and you have a bad player for a 2.20 buy in - in 5 Europa games for Braga he hit a 200+ PB score so he has the ingredients to be a success - it's that he's a youngster sat behind some PB monsters and world class players at Barcelona. Messi obviously is one. If Messi is out then, there are other proven talents in the FWD category like Griezmann and Dembele who suit the PB matrix and can hit big numbers. Even young Ansu Fati, who seems to play far more as well, has a better average and peak PB score than Trincao at the moment.

    Unless you really need the money or want to put it elsewhere I wouldn't sell Trincao. He's 20 years old and looks a real talent. Over the course of 3 years, he's likely to find his feet at club level, be that Barcelona or elsewhere, and establish him in the Portuguese national team. His price may well fluctuate but there will be exit points and likely dividends too.

    I feel like buying someone because of the hype even when you didn't particularly rate that player is a big lesson to takeaway from this. I try to make a habit of never buying someone whom I haven't watched play at least three times and have been impressed by either their performance or statistical output. Call it an eye test of sorts. Chasing big money players after they've rocketed can be risky too - it looks like you've bought Trincao in April time this year well after the move to Barcelona had gone through, as he was only 90p-odd a year ago, which is a little late to the party for cap app from the transfer.

  • @hman543 drop

  • i wouldnt sell. ive got to keep in mind that other peoples ports are different. if you have a diverse port with a good number of players it shouldnt hurt to hold on to him. i agree with @Roon when he says he is clearly a talent. after getting stats from alpha chaser last year showing how superior he was in terms of dribbling stats i cant imagine that he is suddenly a bad player. a talented squad player at Barcelona could easily become a pb winner at lets say leeds united. im holding onto the original stats i saw and the fact his club president in portugal ( was it sporting? ) saw him as the best player they had had in years. if anything when i look at a player like trincao i usually think ' should i be topping up at this price?'

    The same could be said for quite a few youngsters atm.

  • There were links to Leicester in the summer. I would hold and I’d say there’s a chance he goes on a PB loan next season or features more fir Barca

  • Dembele’ Is is the one to watch for me, hasn't signed a contract extension, Barca will want decent money for him, can see some good MB in January, obvs we need a fit dembele but he has lots of upsides.

  • @CptMorgan going to stick with this. selling and losing money or waiting for 3 years . all that talent he has, hopefully he dont end up a bum.

    Its crazy though, like the biggest percentage drops ive seen from players is like from callum hudson odoi and ruben loftus cheek. they were £3 something and theyve dropped to about £1.

  • Sell him as he’ll only keep dropping, no chance he’ll make it at Barca fati, pedri, griezmann all ahead of him

  • @Dav said in francisco trincao? keep or drop?:

    Sell him as he’ll only keep dropping, no chance he’ll make it at Barca fati, pedri, griezmann all ahead of him

    Sorry forgot Dembele too. Defo sell

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