Roberson and telles

  • Are they still good value and which would you pick to buy? Got burnt a lot before buying at peaks so wondering what there peaks might be. Thanks

  • I keep toying with Robertson but feel I may have missed the boat somewhat

  • @NewUser332703 I luckily got in on Roberton about two and a half months ago when I first joined, he was at around 1.40 or even less, which seemed stupidly low considering I didn't rate him much lower than TAA. He's been rising ever since but he has been my most consistent hold, great PB scores. I'd still say he is worth getting involved in now as it looks like as Trent's price drops, Robertson's creeps up, doubt they'll ever be anywhere near the same price but he definitely represents value for money even at his peak price.

    Perhaps wait til he has a quiet game and jump in on the evening or the morning after the game. Won't be many opportunities to get him on a dip though so might also be worth just getting involved now.

    Telles I've never held and didn't watch him at Porto. I know he scored and assists fuck loads for a full back and is a set piece expert so should be a promising signing. If he can deliver similar PB scores to Robertson then no reason his price shouldn't jump to similar to Robbo but I've not seen enough and United are way less consistent than Liverpool obviously.

  • @howsthebacon yeah it’s a tricky one, still think he’s a bit undervalued though, maybe 3 pound or a little above is possible with him, I feel Trent is due a big game soon, I’ll say Trent will win pb tomorrow 😅

  • @howsthebacon telles I watched the last night, I like the look of him. he looks very lively, similar enough to heinze in the past,

  • @Archer22 yeah I’m thinking maybe 3 pound a little above is his peak

  • Gone in with 300 on Telles at £1.41. Worth the gamble if he manages PB scores in the Liverpool full back duo range. Might regret not getting 1000. Time will tell 🤔

  • @Sol yeah went with him myself got 200.

  • I felt I have missed the boat on Robertson and I also hold TAA. So I have gone with Telles as well, he has become my largest hold now. Think he is undervalue compared to similar players like him.

  • @Number5 Telles could be a great hold. I’m reminded quite a bit of Evra in the way he uses the wing area and also in his physical shape. Hoping he plays just ‘ok’ today - so that I can top up another 700 before his price explodes! 😂

  • @Sol yea I was worried about him getting the Prem exposure today and people jump on. So I got on aboard asap. There was a significant rise mid week when people saw he was on corners on both side. You expect more people will be watching today's game, so expect a reaction either way.

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