Kane or Rashford who’s your pick?

  • Very similar yeild stats in 2020 and both mainly MB players. 1x PB each in 2020.

    I think i’m in the Rashford camp:

    -non football media attention.
    -Less volatile buy/sell price.
    -plays for Man.U

  • @NewUser610639 fairly easy one for me - Kane. Rashford's MB is built on non football related topics, which are always more likely to be scrubbed off and will pass, whereas Kane's is likely to build up to the Euros. Kane also more likely to have transfer links.

    As for PB, Kane's 90 min average over the past 3 months is @146, compared to Rashford's 90, so I would consider Kane to be a much better PB hold moving forward. Kane's slightly deeper role this season looks like helping this further.

    Rashford might prove to be a good hold too, but I would consider him much riskier, as I'm not convinced his ability is going to match his current hype.

  • Rashford, less injury prone and few years younger plus plays for lucky united.

  • Rashford all day no debate

  • I'm eager to see everyone opinions on this. I'm a big rash fan and will continue to hold. I got on at 4 and he has been as high as 8.50 ish. I'm surprised he isn't higher to be honest. Mb says it all. I know someone mentioned it would fall after the school dinners thing but I think this Lad could become a national treasure. I do also believe that his performances for United and England will draw attention going forward.
    I am thinking of my next hold and I'm really considering Kane . I believe we had seen the best of him and was thinking a steady decline would happen but iv been so impressed with him this year . He looks a totally different player and after watching him closely he can really play. The trouble is would I be buying on the rise and is a dip in form around the corner.or is this the start of a steady increase to the euros and world cup. I'm thinking the latter myself

  • Hold Both.

    Kane probably best leading into Euros. But will be looking for an exit point. He will be 28 next season and injury prone so this is probably the last season I hold him. Think there should be plenty of exit points though and think people will buy in build-up so want to hold him now.

  • Kane for me. I don't trade for MB - this is a bonus if a player gets it.

    Man United are hit and miss, I'd want them to be more consistent before getting on board with Rashford. Additionally, there are numerous competitors at United where as Kane is the main man at Spurs.

    Injuries & age are off-putting but then it comes down to your own individual strategy. I have a specific exit in mind on Kane, if I held Rashford I have no idea when I'd get off.

  • Rashford. No question.

  • Both good holds. I sold Rash when he was a couple of quid more expensive but would consider getting back on soon.

    Kane is one of my largest holds and most reliable div earners. Would lean towards him as a better hold for the short term.

  • Kane. Scoring for fun atm. Added build up play and assists to his game too. Decent pb scores this season. Europa league, euros, World Cup. Transfer spec.

  • I like it. Good thread. 👍🏻They both have pro’s and cons. Rash younger, but Kane the better PB player. I hold both, but if I had to hold only one- I would hold Kane for the next 2 years (Euros/World Cup), then Rashers.

  • Kane easy. Rash is decent in a counter attacking team but offers nothing else. Cant pass the ball 5 yards ffs. Creates nothing on the left unless its a counter. Hes not gonna start for England either. Might win a few MBs for other stuff.

  • Kane for me, Rashford is mopping up the MB atm and is on good form so he is probs on par with Kane but in terms of long term consistency, Captain Borefest for me.

  • Kane for me, hold similar amounts in both players, but with the form he has been in this season and him seemingly playing in a deeper role i see his PB being much better, then considering he is the England captain, Euro's WC and the always transfer speculations to come, seems better to me. Not gonna be selling my Rashford shares though, he's gonna get MB for a while to come yet with all his exposure. If Kane get's an injury Dec/Jan like he always seem's to his price will drop and i'll then drop more in on him

  • For this season, Kane. Europa league is really big for a player like Kane. When the knockouts come round, there is real potential for good dividend payouts and Kane will play in those games. It also means that Spurs will play a good number of games on Sundays and Mondays in weeks in which the biggest hitters play on Friday or Saturday. It is inevitable that we will get bonus payouts/extra IPDs for Euros, and then Kane will be near the top of the list for likely beneficiaries. I could see him at a similar price to now by the summer, with approaching £1.50 dividend returns (including MB obviously) by then. Can't ignore Kane's current performances averages too, which are much better than last season's, whereas Rashford's will probably suffer because of Bruno's current control of pens and some other set pieces (with Telles an additional threat) and Martial's eventual returns. Both seem decent holds because of Media now.

  • Rashford for me...just.
    Kane and Spurs are going through a purple patch which skews the 20/21 averages in his favour. But looking at 19/20 season Rashford had a slighter better PB average. Rashford only had penalty duties for a short period where Pogba started the 19/20 season as primary taker and then Bruno took the duties from mid-season. Overall I feel that Kane and Rashford are evens in terms of PB
    Playing for United and his 'feed the kids' campaign will continue to reap MB dividends for Rashy whilst captain Kane will take over when the Euros kick off. Again evens.
    Rashfor just pips it due to his age

  • Have both. done :)

  • Kane all day long.Score's more goals.If spurs dont win anything(which they wont) he will be sought after in the summer.Rashford to inconsistent and not a very good footballer.

  • Either are fine, but don’t buy Kane now as he’s very hot and thus expensive. He goes through droughts that are the perfect time to get on him or top up.

  • Kane for me.

    More potential for a move & the England captain thing balances out the media Rashford gets being the CF at Manchester United.

    Both decent holds like, I'd just tip my hat towards Kane slightly.

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