• with the massive price drop what are traders thoughts, me personally have brought 50 shares ,over 3 season surly he will add a pound plus divs , as he will move on if not being played and will be at the euros as well

  • Van de Beek's not had much of a chance at Man U just yet so it's difficult to judge his current value - he's young enough to still prosper, and has the Euros as you mention. Checked FootyIndexScout and it seems he has a max PB score of 184 though? (Which presumably includes the CL/EL multiplier from his eligible games with Ajax.) Proceed with caution!

  • Better places to put your money than having it locked up in DVB all season IMO.

  • The line is he's not physically strong enough for the PL just yet.

    Apparently he's on a strength & conditioning regime at OT to help him bulk up. 👍

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