Benoit Costil Bordeaux GK

  • I'm not a massive fan of holding keepers although i can see their worth.
    At the moment i only have 3-4 with 2 of them just returning divs most weeks it seems.
    One is Oblak at A Madrid but you have to pay a premium to hold him.
    The other though is Costil at Bordeaux.
    In 8 games Costil has kept 6 clean sheets!
    At just 36p and able generally to pick him up at about 27p that is just blinding value in my books.
    I suppose this is a pump so forgive me but just chuffed to have found a very cheap dividend returner and maybe my loss that i have not done this with other cheap keepers.
    Interesting to hear if there are other 30p+ keepers that have achieved this amount of clean sheets this season🤔

  • @Gazz127 dmitrovic at Eibar is a similar price and gets a few. There are a handful of you look at Handanovic, Mandanda and others in that sub 40p bracket.

  • Yep, Dmitrovic and Costil are both good holds. Not the most exciting, but the dividend yield is excellent if you time the IPD matches well.

  • I had Costil at the start of the season and he served me very well. I wish I had refreshed the shares instead of selling them now!

  • David Soria has earned me a few quid, mostly during the 5 x IPD bonus though but is under 50p on ME currently

  • I've been looking at cheap GKs who will also have Europa League. Gold day payout and very few non-PB teams have a GK on the index.

    Looking to identify the players that won't be rotated. So far I have Schmeichel, Leno, Rui Silva (Granada), Baumann (Hoffenheim), Donnarumma (I know he's not cheap).

    Neuer looks the best GK PB wise so far.

  • Costil been a great little keeper for me. Lets not hype him up and let the rocket shippers push his price up.

    Keep him cheap and winning lots of divs!

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