Gnabry vs Sane

  • I am thinking about ditching Gnabry for Sane As i think Sane is the better player, however because Sane has been injured at City and then an Bayern i have no 2020 data on Sane. Gnabry has a pretty underwhelming roi, so hence why i’m considering Sane.

    Who would you pick and why?

  • @NewUser610639 I have Gnabry since the Champion League finals, and he has returned a good portion back during that time.

    He has had COVID so chance to pick him up lower than you normally would have.

    Also as you say, there isn't enough data to judge Sane - so I have avoided.

  • I hold both as they are both going to score a fuck tonne for Bayern this year. Gnabry’s base PB seems to be better. I’ve managed to flip both in the last few weeks and have been topping up Sane while he’s been injured. You can’t really go wrong with Bayern forwards.

  • Gnabry for me. I think he’ll edge it at club level but where Gnabry really gets his head in front is for the Germany team. Just look at his record and with Euros and World Cup to come; my money is in Gnabry.

  • Both solid holds. I found Gnabry pretty frustrating last season and sold in stages - and then he won a couple of PB days.

    I've just got back on Sane as I think he's potentially a better player if he stays fit and is a good 50p cheaper.

  • @NewUser610639 I'd go for Sane.

    Not really had a good run of games yet but his price is steady.

    If he posts a good score, with his age, being the big transfer for Bayern plus the positive sentiment towards him in England (Gnabry never made the breakthrough at Arsenal) I'd go with him.

    Don't own either atm - although I've owned Same in the past & (probably) would do again, the only thing stopping me from buying is the 5 sub rule & the fact the wingers tend to get rotated after 60-70 minutes.

  • @Ericali Spot on. The wingers getting subbed for Bayern after 70 mins is incredibly frustrating. Puts me off them.

  • @Number5

    Smart decision, better to be cautious and put funds to more informed use. I already have both, but with Gnarby at 3.84 (got at 3.40) and Sane down at 3.20 (got at 3.35), i thought switching some Gnarby money over might be good. But i decided against it.

  • @Ericali

    The other thing i wonder is if he is injury prone or just had some bad fortune. Yeah, that’s always frustrating if they are on good PB pace for top Forward. I honestly think Sane is one of the best Wingers when on form and getting a run of games. But as far as PB is concerned, data is king.

  • I'd expect Gnabry to play more for Bayern and Germany and win more divs. Both a bit too expensive for me. Doug Costa will play half as much but is an 8th of the price and has better PB base … with this season being so cramped for fixtures the rotation options are quite good value. Bayern are just a horrible team lol winning by 5 or 6 every week you want their players in your port, but ends up frustrating as they mix it up so much.

  • For me it's Gnabry - like Number 5 I picked him up during the CL knockout stage and he smashed it during the bonus IPD period. After a great start he did slow down a bit and then COVID struck but I still think he's less injury prone and more likely to start for Germany in the Euros.

    Sane looked ridiculously when he was half fit at the start of the season so when he gets fit and in form, he will tear Bundesliga a new one but I don't know how confident I am that he'll remain fit.

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