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  • I currently have around 40 players in my portfolio and its virtually impossible to keep track of who's up and who's down,my profit fluctuates all over And u can't identify which players it is either going up or down. Surely adding a small arrow green up red down somewhere in the column wouldn't be too difficult.

  • A lot needs doing to the website, hopefully the improvements will be made soon.

  • @Pat-Hiscock
    I must agree! I was thinking this the other day. Especially as they continually change and it’d be nice to keep track of if possible through the platform 👍

  • My portfolio can go up or down by £30 which might equate to 1 or 2p rise in a particular player and am searching through 30 odd players trying to remember prices to find out who it is😵😬😨

  • @Pat-Hiscock keep note of them or a spreadsheet or something?

  • Does anyone use the app and does this have extra functionality? I'm an android user so still waiting but just wondered what the benefits are of using it? Dividends alerts, price increases etc?

  • @NewUser144089

    No not really. If anything the app has slightly less functionality than the desk-top site (no access to your watchlist for example). Convenience is the main benefit, with access on the move by simply entering a four digit security code (or finger print for older iPhones).

  • @ocs123 The app is so much better for analyzing your portfolio. Has the ability to sort by biggest holding, highest price, etc

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