Ferran Torres

  • In the PB scoring tonight Ferran Torres shows as forward but then when I click on him he's down as a midfielder. Is this the same with anyone else. I'm hoping he's a midfielder cos I've got other players who could have a chance of winning top forward tonight.

  • No, he’s a forward. He’s purple/red on the leader board that indicated a forward player. Having him as a midfielder will be a waste because Kimmich has 300+ :D

    Don’t fret too much, i have him as a long term hold because i expect his value to rise a fair bit once he nails down a starting spot, may take a year or two though.

  • @NewUser610639 thanks but what I'm saying is I want him to be a midfielder cos I dont want him to win against my strikers. He shows as a midfielder when you look on him so is this just because his position hasn't been updated properly?

  • I may be mistaken, but i believe he was classified as a midfielder at Valencia and later re-classified to a forward. I’m not sure why it says both though.

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