Salah vs Lukaku

  • Finally updated my username and thought i’d post another player comparison thread....

    If you could choose only one for PB, who would you choose and why?

    Salah has had a better year than Lukaku, but Lukaku is 33% cheaper, making them similar ROI.

    Salah plays in a tougher league and has better media exposure, but lukaku scores a lot in a weaker league. He is also a viable recycle for IPD.

    But i think Salah is more dependable than Lukaku. Also he gets involved in the play more.

  • @Evoke89 for PB alone, I'd go Salah. His 90 min average over the past 3 months is 151, vs Lukaku's 105. Lukaku will always have a chance on a good day, as he scores goals, but you could say the same for Salah and he's already coming from a higher PB base.

    I hold Salah and did have Lukaku but sold on a previous spike. I really rate Lukaku as a striker, but sadly his game doesn't really seem to suit the current matrix.

  • Pretty much exact reply as @Mintyfresh .

    I currently hold Salah, because he has a better PB.

    I have previously held Lukaku as well, but also sold him on a spike at the start of the season. He is good for some IPD's but a bit expensive to continuously recycle.

  • Both will score 20+ goals.

    But Salah is more suited to the matrix. He also plays in England so more likely to win media & undoubtedly plays for the better team.

    Lukaku may as well be playing on the moon for how interested the press are with him since he left Old Trafford. 🤷

  • Big fan of Lukaku personally and feel the matrix under rates his performances. Worth keeping in mind he will be starting with Belgium in the Euros and very likely they will make it to the final stages!

  • I hold Lukaku and he's returned circa 15% divs and held a steady price and I'd say I bought him at a relative high point just before lockdown so didn't have the full benefit of IPD's. He's really strong for IPD's like others have said and is a threat for PB on Bronze and Silver days.

    For me, the big draw with Lukaku is that he is the undisputed No1 striker for a quality Belgium national side and has the Euro's and the World Cup coming up in back to back summers. His form isn't slowing down at Inter this year and he doesn't seem to have major fitness issues. He will be a big hold for major international tournaments and is more likely to pick up PB wins in 1-2 game days there. I'm sitting tight for now.

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