Lucas Hernandez- how high will he go?

  • I always rated lucas hernandez, young hungry lb, can defend as he learnt at athletico, signed for bayern for 70 million euros, at a price of only around £0.92, but he was injured and alphonso was taking his position, alphonso is still very raw i saw, and alphonso recently got injured, I bought quite some hernandez's at £0.80.
    He is now £1.29 buy price.
    How high will he go? £1.50?
    I feel like there is a chance he goes up and then goes down, so would it be worth selling eventually and not keeping him for the whole 3 years?

    Should i be jumping in and deciding when to sell him. I'll have to see. I do want to make profit from him.

  • @hman543 being a full back in Bayern is a great gig, they get a lot of the ball and can chip in with goals and assists. So you'd think he could easily 1.50 with his age and international career. He'll not hit the same price as someone like Robertson as he doesn't take set pieces and there is also the rotation to consider. When Davies is fit, you also have the young American lad Richards is it? Does seem to be a lot of chopping and changing at Munich this season.

    That being said now is probably the best time to hold him with Davies out (I hold Davies and it's not looking good for him currently, still long career ahead of him).

  • Reply i am not coming in to flex or anything but i picked him up at 65p and now he has legit doubled in price so i am holding!

  • @JDoubleU Why not sell 50% of your hold if he has doubled then the rest your holding hasn't cost you anything🤔😉
    Never be shy to take profits but selling at the right time is the hardest decision to make.

  • i might do that, tbh i only got him 2/3 weeks ago so i got some IPDs still. Might sell up some after that period

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