How many trades do you make a day?

  • I appreciate that each day is unique and you may trade more one day than the next. However, on average, how many trades would you say you made? The FIG videos on Youtube say that we should ask whether we would make the trade if it was one of the only trades we were able to make that month. This way we do not fall foul of overtrading. I agree that overtrading is not advisable (particularly with FI's 2% commission and the spread). But I am keen to know how regularly seasoned and newbie traders buy in and out of players per day.

    When I first started, I was spreading my portfolio very thin by investing small sums across lots of players. I was doing about three trades per day. Any time there was any transfer rumour involving a PL team. As I've gained more experience this has lessened and I'm now in the reverse situation. Yesterday I made no trades as I have invested much of my portfolio in "blue chip" MB magnets and the rest is tied up in players from whom I am getting small pre-commission profit, which would become a post-commission loss if I were to leave the position now.

    The by-product of my more patient approach is that my portfolio has stagnated with +/- 0.1% each day recently, so I think a middle ground is perhaps needed for me. What about you?

  • Lately i average 5 trades a day. The market is so volitile atm that I find there are always opportunities that fit at least one of my strategies so i never overtrade

  • Surely if people kept buying/selling they’d eventually just go to the same players? And not everyone is up then down then up etc (nor are mine up, then up, then up). I must say my portfolio has been quite flat recently and just slowly going down. Personally I haven’t traded in a little while though. One because of finances but two, because my current selection is towards WC & transfer rumours so gotta give that time and long term holds for the future. So there’s not much for me to do except plan for the new season and hope my slowly falling players start to rise again 😅💪

  • Very few. Quite content at the minute as I have my players in place for next season and players in place for the transfer window.

    As it stands, I will do doing little trading unless I see a real bargain or I think it's time to sell a player.

    Will be keeping constant watch on the news and my portfolio performance however.

  • I did about 30 trades when I first started now I do about 1 a day.

  • Somewhere around 0.2 to 0.5

  • unless target prices are reached or significant player news, approx 4-6 trades every 3 months....

  • I used to trade everyday but realised I have made more money being patient. Sometimes I don't make a trade for a month or so. I have a strategy and tend to stick to it.

  • Surely depends on how many phutures you have. Personally I don't make many, usually have to wait a while before they rise enough to sell.

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