for those with worries....

  • to put my mind at rest regarding the future of FI and my port ive just looked at my dividend return for the last month ( until recently i had a port aimed towards cap app/younger players but have started adjusting to the market since the div increase).

    maybe ive had a lucky month but if there was zero cap app for the next 12 months and i added zero money my current port would return 28.5% in divs only ( if this last month is typical).

    seems to me the future is bright!

  • i would be curious to know if others see things the same

  • @jonathan-rolfe No. It's shite.

  • @UncleBeard reasons?

  • @jonathan-rolfe I'm just kidding buddy. Been a tough few weeks, regardless of the 5x bonus phase. But i'm still managing to have fun.

  • @UncleBeard good to hear that

  • Fortunately I only have a small port. My strategy was to hold young prospects, which I am still doing. Things were looking good with a p/l of 29%. Then as we all know the goalposts shifted, and as a result I am now -10.23% and falling daily.
    My saving grace is they were bought for the long term, and patience will hopefully prevail.
    I have decided not to invest further at this stage, because I really don't like the way rules were changed after my initial plunge.
    I will wait a further 12 months to see if my faith is restored.


  • @Dave-Auric that's a tough one mate. I have a mixed port , I'm receiving divs on a regular basis and reinvesting to counteract the drops. If you don't have that opportunity then I can imagine its frustrating to see the negative figures across the board. I hope it turns round for you. If you have good players then money will go to them at some point. Good luck

  • @Dave-Auric this was my strategy and ive still got those players. greenwood / foden etc . but also had a decent holding of pb winners. i think if you were to add a little to dividend types ( situation permitting) you could see a positive year but definately think its not the time to be investing in young prospects apart from a select few. but there are always cycles and people will start looking for young players to put there dividends in. best of luck

  • @jonathan-rolfe ok mate flip it on its head if you were to sell all the players now how much would you be up/down including the commission.? Break it down, As think this would out weigh the profit made in divs be interested.

  • @CLACKETT its irrelevant to me. i have no intention to sell. thats not my strategy. its to squeeze as much as i can out of dividend winners over a 3 year period . maybe less for the older ones. im not interested in port value before 12 months from now

  • but if i was to sell now i would be in deficit of course. probably about 7% loss. but of course im not selling...

  • @CLACKETT if port value hadnt grown over the next 12 months i would be worried though

  • @jonathan-rolfe yeah agree in holding but what I was saying is if your players you hold drop more than the divs you are picking up less the sell n commission you wont be making any money? Eg not true figures. if you brought sancho £14 divs returned £2 sell for 8.50 u gona make a loss regardless of the amount of divs.

  • @CLACKETT agreed. But i think there is an adjustment going on ( div doubling/ crash etc) there hasnt been enough money to give dividend winners their true value except in a few cases ( and im talking more low priced div earners ( arnold/alberto/nkunku.... could name 20 more). im still left with players who in hindsight i wish i hadnt bought at their prices. Sancho/trent...etc . maybe if we take one player as an example ( kimmitch). is it conceivable that if he maintains even 80% of his present dividend output that he will lose value over the next 12 months?. the same could be said of pulgar/gosens/ robbo/ . etc

  • It actually worries me a bit that the div payouts are so good. If we're all making money is FI still making a profit or is it driving itself into huge debt. Would love to know how many shares of each player they have issued and what the total payout is when certain players get star player PB

  • @yobeautybetting I think the removable of IS and brownsunday will cover things for a while

  • Think you clutching at straws mate. The market is in a terrible state. So many players don’t have an IS price at the moment and loads that do have only a handful of shares to sell.
    Not sure how it’s going to turn around now with everything else that’s going on in the world. And how the have abused/manipulated the market since they suspended it in March
    I doubt there be sending out there all time profit emails in January next year.

  • @yobeautybetting they are making a fortune now that they have removed liability for buying back and 2% on sales plus 2% on matched bids about to come in. i think they have the fastest growing profits in the 'gambling sector'. just voted 2nd best fintec company in sunday times. i think their profits were quoted in that. they were massively increasing. i think this will be reflected in increased dividends prior to euros. hope so anyway

  • @NewUser218220 I wouldn't disagree with you there. What I'm saying is whilst the market has stagnated, FI as a company is currently the best shape it's ever been. Guess what, that's thanks to all the people who came in , shat their pants and left. Just be patient, things will improve

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