Vinagre And zinchenko

  • Surely worth a crack at 20-30p? I know he’s not playing but still at that price and zinchenko cheap too

  • Vinagre has tremendous potential, reminded me of a young Bale when he turned up at Wolves 4 years ago - however the lack of games saw his potential stall. He's getting game time at Olympiakos now, I don't see them taking up their obligation to buy at £25m but if he comes back to Wolves he will be behind Jonny (and Ait-Nouri).

    Definitely worth a punt at 20-30p as he could go either way - i didn't realise he had fallen so much, glad i sold up at 90p now.

  • Long term I think both will come good.

    Zinchenko especially. Mendy injury always around the corner, plus he's mainly a midfielder so can see him leaving City to another pb team next season if pep keeps using him as a back up lb.

    Vinagre needs games wk in wk out, looked decent in some games last season or season before. But I think hel continue to drop this season.

  • @Westy yeah and zinchenko has probably bottomed out now surely?

  • @Tiger2244 I wouldn't say anyone has bottomed out yet, wait n see what happens after the bonus... I'm getting very very low offers matched.

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