Ligue 1 Weekly Preview - GW9

  • Hello all, how are you doing? A bit of a stagnant week on the Index this week. The mechanics are still bust and liquidity remains the single largest issue. Let's hope that FI fill us in on actual real life changes they will be implementing soon today or tomorrow. Aside from that, the football marches on. Game week 9 is up in Ligue 1 and so here is my latest preview. A look back at last week domestically in and Europe. A new PB Power Rankings, extra youth focus and the usual weekly peek under the French Portfolio's bonnet. Let me know what you think!

  • Great stuff again.

    It looks like Kean has been re-born at PSG, he looked jittery and clumsy on his debut but a couple of goals and playing in an attacking team has transformed him - wish i had taken the plunge.

    Couple of questions - Has Bouanga lost form or have St Etienne generally dipped after a good start? Cardona got a stunner a few weeks ago but seems confined to fleeting substitute appearances.

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