My £1000 div milestone

  • Reached by last nights games



    Note to self: Top up and refresh GK's more often.

  • Brilliant 👍

  • @Kipper72 said in My £1000 div milestone:

    Top up and refresh GK's more often.

    Congratulations; Imagine how easy it would be with an "IPD refresh button" - C'mon FI get it done.

  • Had a £1000 Dividend milestone of my own last night. Rashford's MB win took him through the £1000 dividend landmark for me. Well done Marcus!

  • @Geronimo159387 Yep, easy 2% for FI - IPD's ready to go - everyone is a winner. They could probably make it a bit more than 2% for the service.

  • @Kipper72 congrats, great achievement, I remember when I reached the same milestone. 💷💥 (nice to see a positive post)

  • Well done mate, I'm closing in myself

  • @Geronimo159387 You seam like quite a clued up guy on this sort of subject so I wont try and tell my granny how to suck eggs, however wouldnt the "refresh" for IPD cause an issue?

    Isnt the whole idea from FI pov anyway, to constantly have people trading in and out of spreads, as thats how they make money from the commission.
    Wouldnt people being able to just refresh for a fee kill that idea and stop quite a bit of trading because now people can just refresh rather than sell and buy back in.

    I think being able to refresh would be interesting, but I just feel it could make it harder to buy/sell shares.
    Or am I missing something?

  • @Kanzz

    It would provide a reason to buy & hold the 85% of the players on the index that have very little chance of threatening PB/MB/TOTM wins, IPD's are the ONLY thing that gives them their value (without IPD chances they are essentially worthless). Currently the whole market is suffering from lack of liquidity & depth which means that IPD trading is slowly dying due to lack of opportunity to economically refresh eligibility (huge spreads & lack of liquidity). This is an unhelpful by product of the removal of FI backed IS but given it won't be reinstated we now need an alternative. Traders can & will provide it, as demonstrated by the 5X promo, just not under normal market conditions.

    As you correctly point out the ideal scenario would be plenty of liquidity & everyone trading in/out of the market but there's currently insufficient money in the market to facilitate this across every player, the mid/lower end IPD types are amongst the worst hit by this lack of market depth. If you wait long enough & try hard enough you can probably trade a few hundred or less but to refresh hundreds or thousands is simply impossible at prices that make it economically viable. Given this why would anyone buy these players, as after the initial 30 days you are effectively trapped in an unsaleable player except at huge loss? All players have theoretical IPD value but if the cost of accessing it is so high as to be a disincentive then they are in reality worthless, does FI want the platform to simply be a game of the Top 300/400 most valuable players?

    Providing a non market refresh button means buyers can hold players in the knowledge of being able to renew IPD eligibilty at anytime (without the risk being stuck in a worthless hold) & have the incentive to buy & hold such players without the need to find an exit after only 30 days (that doesn't exist). FI would benefit from both increased demand & refreshing; more commission from increased refreshing & from the market purchases (which are also someone's sales, so paying commission). FI could also probably charge a premium for the ease & certainty of using the button (as opposed to the cheaper market option) which would be set at a level to help balance the increased payout liability.

    In time as the market grows more money, liquidity & demand will filter down to all players & market recycling will become the norm but we are several years away from that IMHO, so either FI facilitate easier refreshing or risk seeing IPD trading die forever. Currently traders are improvising a solution; "agreed swaps" without which IPD trading would be almost non existent but this is both an unacceptable & unsustainable solution, as well as possibly infringing the platform T&C, so FI need to be proactive & provide traders a bespoke solution like my proposal IMHO.

  • Reached the same milestone myself today!
    I have Oliver Baumann to thank for pushing me over (although technically Zlatan's assist happened first :))

  • A commission fee directly to FI for an IPD refresh option makes so much sense and breathes life into an otherwise largely stagnant market as cap app isn’t as prominent as it once was so it’s incredibly boring holding 85% of players on the index who are probably never going win PB/MB/TOTM.

    The two things that would make me question whether it can implemented are:

    1. Would you be able to refresh shares at the price you bought them for..? Let’s take the assumption the buy price has gone up since you purchased your original shares, you’d have to purchase (and pay commission at the current buy price) which isn’t appealing for the masses. An idea perhaps would be for FI to implement a system that charges a slightly increased commission on the current buy price ranging from 2-4% depending on the increase / decrease from the traders original buy price and the buy price at time of refresh. For example:

            Original Price    -    Current Price    -    Commission 

    Messi -------------------5.00----------------------------5.40--------------------------4%

    Just a rough idea but essentially, 4% commission is the ceiling FI can charge even if the current price doubled to £10 for Messi whilst the usual 2% is the floor.

    1. Quite simply, does FI have the money to pay out on dividends if an IPD refresh option came into play.. who knows? Perhaps the idea above would be enough to offset additional dividend payouts.. again, who knows!

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