Tracking Market Performance

  • Apologies in advance if there is already a thread for this, but is there a way to track and view the general market performance over time? I started a few weeks ago and trying to understand why my portfolio has been very flat especially the last few days. I saw some other messages where people are saying similar so may not be something I am doing wrong but it would be good to know more and see market peaks and lows over time. I saw the footie was minus for 2 days so maybe this partly explains it?

    What do you think of the next few weeks? End of season surge at the weekend, or Champions League and Europea League finals? Or wait for the World Cup and new season? How regularly does the FI market peak and dip in your experience?

  • @NewUser144089 So summer tends to be fairly volatile I hear. I joined in September. If it helps here are my figures over the last few months. First number is portfolio size.

    Nov - £500 - divs 1.7% growth 5.5%
    Dec - £3000 - divs 1.2% growth 3.2%
    Jan - £3400 - divs 1.6% growth -1.9% (coutinho)
    Feb - £7000 - divs 2.97% growth 7.6%
    Mar - £10,000 - divs 3.63% growth 11.2%
    Apr - £10,500 - divs 3.65% growth 0.6%
    May - £13,000 - divs 0.55% growth 1.5%

  • You've got £13,000 portfolio just like me. We seem very similar. I go for MB players and players that are young and seem capable of hitting £3 mark in the future.

  • @Noirx4 Looking forward to sifting through your data

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