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  • It seems there is a niche area of the forum that requires a bit of a safe place to discuss Goal Keepers. I don't claim to be the authority on them but I do hold quite a few.

    So to kick off and see if this thread suggested by @Baydog has legs lets discuss a main PB GK as an easy start point.

    Manuel Neuer - very short spread at time of writing. Be aware that he is probably going to win TOTM GK so don't refresh if you are a holder (pre 21st Oct) until 1st Nov. A must have in your port as is Donnarumma and Navas. I thought Yann Sommer would have done better but he is a good keeper at a good price right now.

    I'm not sure what folk expect from this thread but if you want to ask Kipper a Kwestion about goalies then go for it. Someone on here should be able to help.

  • @Kipper72 mendy is the inform keeper at the moment only conceded 1 goal so far and hit a 216 score in the last round of CL games got me £11 in dividends post 5xIPD

  • You are absolutely right @Dan114114 . I underestimated him when I first started buying keepers and only bought a few of him..

    I used my £10 for Halloween cash drop to buy more of him and have also been topping up with any divs. A safe hold in my opinion.

  • @Kipper72 What's your view on Rui Patricio? I hold,currently at a small loss (if IS) wondering whether to sell and put into other premium keeper's. Got a few others that didn't do as I expected and looking to offload those aswell as a couple of duffer keepers!!

  • @Lillychar1216 I'm not sure there are many "Duffer" GK's at this time. They are at the start of their FI journey.

    In answer to Patricio he is around the 50p mark!! Keep him - if he drops in price it will only be pennies.

    In my opinion all GK's still have a rise in them but you need to look at them as a long term hold - buy on ME, top up if they are down, collect divs along the way, sell in a couple of years at a profit.

    Disclaimer - 3 pints 3 glasses of red wine and a drop of single malt.

  • I’m only buying keepers in the CL and EL then will see come end of season who qualifies for what and sell keepers not in Europe and buy the ones that are

  • @Kipper72 Sounds fair, just wondering as not in EL if was worth keeping. See how Wolves fair and go from there

  • @Dan114114 Yes I think that's what i'll be doing from now. So long as they have a chance of going a bit further, and qualifying consistently. Also being keeping an eye if they #1 for their Country

  • @Lillychar1216 I suppose it depends on who gets 1st choice at Euros between Patricio and Lopes.

    Wolves will get some clean sheets as well this season but really my main point is if you have a GK at 50p for three years in a PB league and plays for his country it is up to you to lose money on him, not the other way around.

  • @Kipper72 totally agree if he’s 50p that’s 25 clean sheets in IPD and he’s paid for himself in that 3 year period but if you keep recycling the shares the 3 year period is non existent

  • I hold Rui and Wolves are often good for a clean sheet but he doesn't record great scores for some reason (matrix nerds can help me out here, is it because Wolves are quite a solid defensive team so he doesn't have much to do?). Whilst Wolves aren't in Europe, it's likely they will be next season and he also has the Euros (well he started Portugals last few games at least).

    For the price I think he is a decent hold.

    I wish I held Neuer, feel like I might sit him out and focus on Alisson and Donnarumma as my main GK holds. Also a big fan of Navas and Oblak as more affordable elite keepers that bring home some bacon.

  • Dubravka's recovery hasn't quite gone to plan so it's looking likely that Darlow will keep goal until around Christmas time at least but if you can get Dubravka close to his sell price of 20p you're laughing.

    As good as Darlow has been, Dubravka will get his place back and as shit as we are, we do keep the odd clean sheet. Furthermore, Dubs made the most saves out of any keeper last season so even when we don't keep clean sheets he could compete for PB. Just a left field shout with all these more elite keepers getting mentioned.

  • @howsthebacon We are defensively well drilled, Patricio doesn't usually have much to do due to the strong defensive trio. I can't recall a Palace shot on goal last night apart from the goal which was offside.

    Patricio is a good hold, over the last month I think he could have been picked up for 40-45p - he's kept 3 clean sheets and was 2 minutes away from a 4th last week. So instantly would have returned 6p in October (15%).

  • @Dan114114 said in Kippers Keeper Corner:

    @Kipper72 totally agree if he’s 50p that’s 25 clean sheets in IPD and he’s paid for himself in that 3 year period but if you keep recycling the shares the 3 year period is non existent

    you would need to factor in the cost of recycling him in order to get those 25 CS's and also the likelihood that the current process of buying and selling a player will increase from 2% to 4% unless you are getting them at Buy price

  • Big fan of keepers, have noticed with some that you can buy after a clean sheet (ie guaranteeing 2p IPD) for even less than you could pre-game. Happened with Patricio recently actually, and even after the game last night last night picked up a few more for 44p - 4.5% guaranteed yield!

  • I topped up heavily (by my standards) on Alisson a couple of weeks ago when we thought he was out for a month or 2. Laughing now he's been early

    Donnarumma too now he's out with Covid.

  • @Wolvesfan1980 I got him around 50p, must have bought on a match day, something I avoid doing normally - or it was just during a time when the market was doing better.

    I rate him, should be fairly easy to refresh going into the next busy schedule too. Do we think he'll be Portugal no.1 come the Euros? Got to be the favourite currently.

  • @B-EVO yeah that Alisson early return came out of nowhere - weirdly his price has never fully recovered, the whole market is of course in a dip. Good time to top up on the handsome bastard.

  • @howsthebacon any chance you can let me know his highest bid please?

  • @Hanz 1.11 for first 10, 1.10 for 100

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