Is anyone here that can help me ? SKY BET

  • So tonight I won 7.7k and I withdrawn using a nationwide debit card which has fast withdrawal scheme with sky bet ,but a message popped up saying it would take between 2 to 5 working days ? It has never happened before I am getting a bit paranoid that they won't pay out ?

  • @R9inter Never been involved in any of that so I have no idea.

    However I would imagine any sort of big payment from a gambling site etc would prob take a couple days to be checked/cleared.

    Money laundering etc etc

  • Thanks mate , it never happened before ,so I qm a bit worried you hear loads of stories on the Internet of betting sites trying to avoid paying ,I know for most 7k is nothing bit for me is a big chunk that I can put towards a deposit for q house

  • Standard for any reasonable amount.
    I have had similar experience with skybet when I withdrew a few hundred pounds on a couple of occasions.
    Like it is says 2 to 5 days .

  • @R9inter No worries bud, As long as its a legit bet and legit win I cant see a problem.

    If you have been sneaking loads of "dirty money" into the betting account to try and transfer it into your account to make it look clean, then I would be worried lol.

    Sounds like a normal amount of time to move that amount of money about, If its anything like FI's checks, at worst they might ask for ID and proof of an address.

    They have to do it because of money laundering laws etc.
    Enjoy yourself with that money, nice we win you got yourself their bud.

  • Skybet usually takes 2-5 days its frustrating - Paddy Power is instant.

  • How u win the 7.7k?

  • Yeah that's pretty standard mate.Congrats on your big win.What was the bet?I once cashed out a £30 12fold BTTS for £1200 and the bet came in at 35k,i was in tears!

  • @R9inter yeah great work on the big win. I have been gambling full time for nearly 10 years and never once have I not been paid out wins like that. Sometimes they take longer than they should but always been paid out. The real problems are when companies go bust. Lost multiple thousands when that's happened but not from a winning bet.

  • @Dav so it was all luck to be honest as I was playing just for fun never thought I would walk away with 7.7k ,
    Basically I haven't played poker in years . So last night I thought why not I just put a £5 in and play with that once is gone is gone.
    Well that £5 turned into £146 by playing sit qnd go tables heads up ,so I thought I am Basically playing with a £5 ( 146 by now ) I give roulette a go , and Basically was just luck,kept guessing in which group of 12 numbers the ball would fall ( basically loading on group of 12 numbers at the time ) .
    It is all luck and if I had to bet my hard earned money on roulette I wouldn't but as I said I was basically playing with £5 in reality .

    I also feel that is very important to highlight that roulette is a dangerous game so stay away from it or only play with the house money
    As can loose a lot in minutes

  • 7k!

    Most of my bets are 50p hoping to win 4-5 quid🤣
    Good on ya that is some win👍

  • Think most companies instant withdrawal limit Is 2000 in 24 hrs so you won’t have a problem some are as low as 500

  • Come on @R9inter you don't have to lie, you got involved in CashFX didn't you!

    Just playing, congrats on the win - you just wanted to rub it in all our faces as we cry into our dwindling ports ;)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @howsthebacon hahah that was brilliant , not I am genuinely concerned after reading so many stories about bookies no paying out as normally they paid me straight away ,but as other said probably it is because I won more than usual

    Thanks mate
    Hopefully soon we will all make money on here

  • @R9inter Great wee story man, really happy for you.

    Roulette is a game you stay away from unless lady luck is on your side lol.
    Isnt quite my game, ive known one guy that was "gifted" when it came to it tho, I never understood how he did it but he always left the table with more money than he went in with, main thing with him is he never got to greedy.

  • @Kanzz I used to play (European) Roulette many years ago and i basically had a 'knack' for reading the 'dealer signature'. But the pit bosses would often cotton on and change the dealer very quickly... or they'd try and distract you by getting one of the er... more buxom ladies lets say and they'd constantly yap to try and put you off. So, it was a game, literally, a battle. some dealers would be so erratic that it was pointless to try but when a dealer got into a rhythm it was quite easy to predict the sector the ball would fall into. But yes, Roulette if you are not careful... and greedy IS a very dangerous game!

    But Good Luck to the guy who won the seven grand! Invest it wisely...

  • Amazing win well done.

    Also funny to read "basically playing with a fiver", us gamblers have such twisted ways of justifying things haha. There would have been a point where you were 4-5k in profit, dumping it on 12 numbers saying in your head "it's just £5". I know because I have done the same.

    Very very pleased to hear your sense kicked in and you cashed out, great to see people beat the bookies.

  • @UncleBeard true that mate ,but for once worked out like a treat and money being used towards the deposit of my first home so couldn't be happier

  • @UncleBeard I wasn't dumping the whole 4 or 5 k on 12 numbers tho ,at each thousand mile stone I set an exit point so let's say when I was at 2300 I would set the 2k at an exit point so play with 300 and if it went down to 2k I would get out ,the same going up always had an exit point in mind so that I would walk away with a nice profit

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