Money stuck in players

  • Hello All,

    I am fairly new to football index but not to trading itself.

    I am finding it hard to sell players. I've had some listed for a week (then there price goes down 1p so I have to re adjust my selling price) but it seems hard to sell without IS.

    Do others have a similar problem of having money stuck in players?

  • @NewUser84362

    Yep it’s a temporary restriction in place as the market was crashing but no idea how long it’ll be in place for.

    If you want to sell at market value, you’ll only likely receive any bids for a player if they’re playing that day or they perform well which could cause a spike.

  • Yep. Bought most of my players in July / August. Now many of them won't sell without proper losses. But I lay back, take it easy, and try a smile (maybe a small sherry too), and dream of happier days to come when everybody wants to buy shares in John Fleck...

  • @NewUser84362 hi, if you are fairly new why would you want to sell players you have just bought?

    It's a 3 year bet.

  • @NewUser84362 yep I've got many a penny war going on with other listers and many players with little to no IS. All we can hope is that we get full order books very soon and traders are allowed to value players.

  • @NewUser84362

    At the moment we do not have full order books so there are still selling restrictions on the market. Fi went open order books for a period but there was a huge amount of negative sentiment that arose from the mechanics. No one has been used to order books or prepped for the situation by FI, so when it was introduced it caused a huge reaction and the market remains shrouded in uncertainty.. Currently the system is set up in a way that makes selling at the desired price difficult, but also limits the amount of panic in the market from the new order book system. It is not ideal which ever way you look at it, and at some point FI will need to take the stabilisers off and prices will chase around the current IS prices (which is the only useful measure of value). Until that time it will be tricky to sell unless you have time to dedicate to monitoring IS prices regularly, but there is also a fairly legit reason why FI is choosing to place the limits on as the market has not ben prepared in any way for the transition

  • @NewUser346198 oh really, did you used to be able to set prices for players? like any price?

  • Aren't the order books apparently coming soon?

    The mechanics of the site are all wrong. It needs a free market approach in my opinion, with just natural supply and demand organising prices and the sight.

    With restrictions on sell price I dont think this is the case. I/other people won't want to put money in the site when they cant get it out again.

  • If you are not happy with the IS prices and the money can stay there for some time, not a bad idea to wait. Even just to consider leaving now before implementation of all the new stuff makes no sense!

  • @NewUser84362

    It will be a free market in the future.. At the moment there are limitations placed upon the market, and this has created wide spreads as sellers cannot place he offer that they wish with a limit on.... It has come largely as a consequence of FI not showing depth of bids/offers.

    Without this information the market was at the mercy of anyone who owned 300 shares in a player.. This was the previous offer nomination, so anyone with 300 shares in the open order book system could set the buy price and the sell price would react in sync...

    Fi changed it to 900 shares and put a 1p limit on sell offers below the current buy price. It has created an illusion of stability but it has also helped sentiment from capitulating.

    The market is built on sentiment so it is not an easy balance to strike, but at some point the market will have to be let loose. As long as the rewards on offer remain significant and the yields remain attractive then ultimately the sentiment will return and the new normal will become familiar and the value will emerge in what I expect will be a self sustaining economy of sorts

  • @NewUser84362 Nows not the time to really be selling if im honest. Been alot of changes that have went on and are still in the works.

    Its more of a buying time than a selling time for the most part, your not alone alot of people have money stuck in holds.

  • I have the same issue. I've been in for over 2 years and made plenty of "profit"... but selling players is a nightmare at the moment. You just can't do it unless you want to instant sell and make a massive loss.

    FI want order books, but this is a gambling website. I'm an investor, rather than a gambler, but I know that most people on this engine wants to do things NOW.

    I think FI have tried to scale their business, but not realised their audience. I tuned in to the latest stream about order books and there was nothing to be learned there, because all of the data is hidden and most gamblers are not traders.

    This "game" changes as time goes on and, fortunately, I have always focused on dividends. That factor has never been more important than it is now.

    Capital appreciation used to be a big portion of FI, but now there are so few players that increase in value that the "game" has become almost solely about dividend value.

    FI would have been better just sticking to it's roots... but they had the "instant sell" factor, where they were liable for the sales. That desire to remove that factor will influence the "game" going forward.

    They are due to change things and the visibility of order books is absolutely necessary. They might also change it so that players do not have a buy and sell price, but a mid/reference-price. I think that'll be better in the current scenario, but I still have concerns that the target audience is gamblers vs investors.

  • I think the visibility of the order books will help a lot, but ideally I'd like to see the IS button go. Not likely though seeing as FI gain from an IS, and it helps to showcase the gambling element of the platform. If you couldn't instant sell it would essentially be more of a trading platform.

    I'm not saying I want to sell but there's an adjustment or two I'd make to my profile if I could sell some players. I don't feel comfortable reinvesting into a platform where I feel like my money is looked in.

    IS for a big loss to get money out when needed is a huge negative from FI.

  • @NewUser84362 I get some of this, but would removing IS not make it even harder to get your money out? Your only option without it would be to wait for someone to match your offer, which may never happen. At least with IS you can get your cash straight away (admittedly at a cost, but that's the trade off; less return now vs, hopefully, more money but at some point in the future).

    Another advantage with the current system is that you also get to buy below market price, making the spread less of an issue as you're probably already in "profit" from the point of purchase. Certainly not saying the current system is perfect and I agree that visibility on depth is going to be important but I'm just not convinced that removing IS is going to help this.

  • @Mintyfresh said in Money stuck in players:

    Another advantage with the current system is that you also get to buy below market price, making the spread less of an issue as you're probably already in "profit" from the point of purchase.

    Totally agree. Ignore the Buy Price and think of the IS Price as the Market Price. If traders buy for a few percent over IS Price, they can earn dividends/bonuses and still hope for capital appreciation.

    The IS Price is only low if traders treat the Buy Price as the Market Price.

    Surely, the true Market Value is the price that you can actually sell for.

  • @Honeylight I think you're correct and that worries me more because sometimes the IS price is woefully low.

    What's the point in looking at the buy price if you can never sell though.

  • @NewUser84362 as iv said on many threads , if you take the value of your portfolio by the IS price you know exactly where you stand. The buy price is all about what could happen. The more I think about it the more I realise how much this product has changed for the worse

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