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  • So the World Cup trend has already gone, all those players are inflated already.

    A lot of Transfer targets are now inflated (e.g. Fekir), though there is definitely still money to be made in players from this if you get on them cheap.

    This got me thinking, what is the next trend to get in early on? I think it’s buying cheap young players that will get good game time in preseason. A lot of players will report back late due to the World Cup, so the youngsters will really have a chance to show what they can do early on in preseason.

    The 3 players I’m looking at and am already on are:

    Juan Foyth - Poch is supposedly a big fan of his, and with Vertonghen and Sanches at the World Cup, and Aderwereild likely to leave, he should get plenty of time at the start of preseason. He could even play this weekend with top 4 secure for spurs.

    Grujic - had a good season at Cardiff. Liverpool are lacking bodies in midfield. With Can leaving he could force his way in. He was very good in preseason last season.

    Wilson - really shone at Hull and done well when called up to Wales. Could stake a claim as back up to Mane as I think he has a big future.

    Are there any players that fit this approach that you guys would recommend? I really think players like these will boom after the World Cup.

  • Players who are not involved in the World Cup may be an option (Italy, Netherlands etc)? Difficult to know if their price will decrease during the WC though so may be worth waiting to buy? Or if popularity increases enough it could keep prices the same purely as a result of the growth of the game.

    Aubamayang, Oxlade-Chamberlain are two that come to mind...

  • I have Grujic. As for you saying players prices are already over inflated for the world cup, I do hope you're wrong. I have Kane, Jesus, Sterling and Sane, all of whom I want to go up by 10% to 15% closer or during the Word Cup so I can then sell them and invest elsewhere until they become cheaper again.

  • Tahith Chong and Angel Gomes. I'm a United fan so slightly biased, but very excited about these 2

  • @NewUser59855

    It comes down to a matter of opinion really. Some people think the World Cup players are already maxed out in terms of price. Personally I can see the World Cup players increasing further, providing they win MBs or PBs around World Cup time.

  • I think guessing who stevie gee will buy may do well as his going to get loads of coverage that's my guess at the next trend

  • Some interesting suggestions on this thread.

    But there is a lot of profit in just spotting ongoing trends and buying into them

    Plus its much easier than predicting next trends lol

  • @Mazza-magic would steer clear of that. If there are any rises there will be almighty crashes!

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there is still some value in some World Cup players, but I think a lot of them have already risen with the word cup in mind. They may rise more yet, but there’s also a risk they could fall.

    I have World Cup players in my portfolio and I’m still going to hold them, but I probably wouldn’t buy them now just for the World Cup.

    So I was just trying to think ahead to the players that should go up after the World Cup and I think there is value in these young players on the brink of breaking through

  • @NewUser129053 I hold Jesus, Sane, Sterling, Martial, Rashford, M'Bappe, Dembele and others who are on the verge like that. I shall be trying to sell the first 3 mentione dhowever when they are at their highest price as they are Man City players and they win no MB or PB generally.

  • A mix is always best and there's certainly some £2+ WC players with plenty of room for growth. The next trend will likely be PB players and breakthrough players for next year, as those not linked to transfers or in the world Cup have/will bottom out. As @TradingJournal says however there's always ongoing and fluid trends. One thing I have noticed is that there's a large subsection of players that rise a big , fall a bit less, rise a bit, fall a bit less etc etc. Overall they are on an upward trend and the strategy there is to time your buy and sell at the right time. A lot of people will hold onto transfer players too long, see a 19p rise turn into a 4p rise and sell up, only to see a rise the same week that makes them say 5p higher than their previous peak. So they get back on only to see another trough. If you do the opposite or just hold throughout you'll do alright. Transfer window isn't open yet so the risk of big busts due to a deal going through is low, in the small players at least. Buy when people are selling, sell when they are buying, keep capital aside and just look for opportunities. Its surprising just how much you can make with a small balance, a bit of spare time and most importantly self control.

  • @NewUser129053 not challenging your strategy but I have to ask... Why would you still hold them if you wouldn't be willing to buy them at their current price? If you don't think they'll rise more then why hold them longer, if u think they will rise (hence why you're happy to hold them) then why wouldn't u buy more? Your two statements literally clash with one another.

  • @John-Renwick said in Next Trend:

    @NewUser129053 not challenging your strategy but I have to ask... Why would you still hold them if you wouldn't be willing to buy them at their current price? If you don't think they'll rise more then why hold them longer, if u think they will rise (hence why you're happy to hold them) then why wouldn't u buy more? Your two statements literally clash with one another.

    Players like Pogba and Neymar I’m holding for MB over the summer. I think the dividend returns they’ll provide will be higher than any drop in price (if there even is a drop). I was lucky enough do get in on them at £5.55 and £10ish respectively, so have a healthy profit on each of them (Kane is a different story!)

    I think the main point of my argument is that I wouldn’t be buying players now just for the World Cup. If they happen to be at the World Cup then great, but they also need to offer something else, whether that’s being a MB magnet, or being a young player with high potential.

  • @NewUser129053 - I think John's just misunderstood your initial post. Read in isolation is can see the confusion but I'd say you've cleared that up now.

    I think the point @John-Renwick was trying to make, and a VERY important one for any new traders reading this, needs to be highlighted. So this reply isn't really directed at you at all.

    All the time you see people holding a top 5 player say things like'I wouldn't buy him for that price now' or 'I got him at £5 so he'd have to fall a lot before I see red'.

    Those comments miss a crucial point. If you hold at £9.84 you clearly think he's worth £9.84. Otherwise why aren't you selling and using that money on better value players?

    Purchase price and profit / loss on a single hold is irrelevant. Looking at only greens and reds doesn't factor in the opportunity cost of tying your cash up. Nor does it factor in dividends.

    I realised this after about a month and it completely changed how I view the index. Much less panic, much more patience.

    Sorry to hijack your post, you clearly weren't saying anything of the sort but John's point was one that I felt was important enough to try to highlight.

  • @Pierrey2129 yeah... What he said.... Was only questioning that one statement as it's a mistake I have made in the past n I've seen alot of ppl make. I have total agreement with the rest of his post. People need to trust their judgement,if they're any good at this then they'll win more than they lose.

  • Back to trends - How about players from strong teams in the EL next year. Rotation will be an issue but could see Chelsea and Arsenal racking up a few goals and PB on thu nights...

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