Best PB buy at the moment?

  • Hi all, I managed to sell all of my Kimmich shares yesterday - not intentionally (I’d forgotten than I’d put a sell bid on a while back). So, I was wondering who you’d recommend buying at the moment for PB potential?

    At the moment I’m considering either reinvesting in Kimmich (but bidding at a lower price), topping up on my Neymar shares at the lower price in preparation for his return, buying into Messi with his PB potential and possible future move or buying into Kane or TAA with the Euros and WC approaching.

    I know they are probably all good options but would rather focus on one or two max out of this list. Who would you go for? Or are there any other contenders that I’ve missed?


  • @Ryan2 I'd honestly for now keep the cash to one side and see where the market is going,besides in a week we have an international break.
    Personally until we see some positive signs from FI going forward cash is king imo.
    Saying that any sign of price weakness I'd put it straight back in to Kimmich 😉

  • Think Sterling has scope for a jump in price myself, showed signs of getting going yesterday, always good for a goal, decent CL run & Euros to come....

  • Kimmich is in a rich vein of form in a very dominant side, he’s going to consistently score high PB as his base is so good and he scores goals and assists too. On his current form Kimmich still represents good value but you could save a bit by picking up after a bad game or international break. His price stays fairly stable no matter what’s happening on the index overall.

    Neymar is very frustrating to hold but is in the god tier of PB players, he is egocentric and wants the ball all the time, he has the potential to score huge but is prone to injuries or tantrums. You need to be prepared for volatility, his price may up or down a £1. His scoring last year was impressive and he missed quite a lot of games, even if Neymar plays 80% of games he’s going to win a lot of PB.

    I really like Kane too, his new role means that he gets involved in the build up play too but he’s also still scoring and assisting. Leading up to Euros as England caption he’s bound to get Media attention and at his current price I can’t see much downside.

    Diversity is important so I would have shares in all three , it spreads the risk a little.

  • Keep the cash balance until the international break but try trade the spreads with 10-20% of it until then. Keeps you interested and hopefully you end up with a bigger pot to play with

  • Kimmich is without a shadow of a doubt the best PB hold right now and going forward for the foreseeable future.

    He's an integral player to the best & most dominant team in world football, has age on his side and the fact he isn't even in his prime yet is pretty insane - plenty more to come from this lad.

  • Thanks all, I think that keeping the cash until at least the international break is a very good shout.

    I’d preferably have kept Kimmich but now I have the cash balance I’m very tempted by Messi, understandably with more risk/ but potentially more reward. I will probably see where the prices go and then decide.

    I also hold Sterling for Euros and WC, but I think his price is about right at the moment. I’m expecting a rise nearer to the these tournaments though.

  • @Ryan2 if you can get Neymar at anything close to his current IS price then I think you’ll be doing quite well.

  • Long term I’d say Kimmich and Kane. Short term I’d go Neuer, Lewandowski and Alejandro Gomez.

  • Easy this one - Messi

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  • I'd keep an eye on Filip Kostic as well. Had a knee injury about 5 weeks ago and his current highest price is 1.60. He was consistently 2-2.50 last season and challenges PB with an assist or 2. Last season he won PB 4 times and star player 3 times. i personally think he would be a solid hold for the season. I'd expect he starts returning post international break. Estimated his injury at 6 weeks at the start. I'm kinda surprised his price hasn't rebounded slightly yet, seems to keep dropping in small increments. Who knows, could be totally wrong but i cant see him starting a return game at anything around £1.60

  • Fairly easy one this one. Surely can't look past Kimmich and Messi at the moment. Honorable mention for Neuer.

    Worth noting though that Sancho has won £2.00 in MB in the last year which easily exceeds what anyone has won in PB.

  • I think then I am going to go with Kimmich and Messi, but Kostic I will do some research on as well with a view of buying in if I can shift some of my other shares.

    I luckily managed to buy into Neuer at 42p just after the gk div announcement, so I am reluctant to top up at this stage, but definitely good Pb potential!

    Thanks all

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