1 grand to spend.

  • What’s a better strategy, for example buy 100 Messi and de Bruyne or buy 50 20p players? 100 of each of the 20p players, only losing 20 a player if there horse shit

  • As someone who has been on her for just over a month, I wouldn't rush into investing too quickly, I made some mistakes as i was so eager, have a read of the Team of the month from October to see who is good for Performance Buzz, There are also some great bargains around the £1-£2 mark but do your research,

    I personally spread too little money (Similar to your amount) across too many people)

  • @NewUser332703 depends how much work you willing to do? A grand can go quite far trading the spreads between match days, if you are willing to monitor bids and IS quie closely.

    easy life.... option 1 messi and kdb … then keep reinvesting the div wins.

  • @Coriolanus I suppose how many of the 20p guys will win divs probably a handful if lucky, kinda pointless actually, that’s my over all plan I think once I can get out of a few bad holds, buy all the regular div earners and just do nothing

  • @Dragon4Life I’m thinking Messi kimmich etc is the safe and easy way, if you don’t have a hell of a lot of knowledge like me that’s the way to go.

  • @NewUser332703 yeh if you spend it lower down don't play for divs. just trade the spread. or injuries. i.e. michail Antonio out at the moment 34p... if you can snag him at that price or 35..36? by the time hes back in the team away to Shef Utd, Home to Villa back to back... prob IS goes to 40-45... if you hold and he scores … maybe sell for 50p.

    hes just an example... loads of players in that price bracket where the current highest bid is 30-40 but on match days they are 40-60. then its your choice just to flip or hold for ipd period then flip etc.

  • @Coriolanus cheers yeah, I bought 100 Carlos tello for 27p just as a trial lol I’m a bit lazy for research , Iv a random question in relation to footstock tournaments, just what percentage would you say Is skill and luck? Iv done okish the last week or so after a nightmare couple months

  • @NewUser332703 hopefully don’t get attacked 😅

  • @NewUser332703 lol. its defo a combo of the two. the winner took home 3.5k last night used Vestegard. That guy will score 2-3 a season? FBs are way better & Soton didn't even keep a CS, nor on paper would you have backed them to… but he won and it was a differential, so that is part of the skill. Strategically I back the odds and will cash more often than not, but I wont win the big tournies like last night cos its always going to be a random differential I feel with 600 odd entries.

  • @NewUser332703

    Please wait as market is dying each day

  • @Coriolanus yeah last night in the single Leicester game I went with fuchs as my differential and would have won had a picked the obvious tielemans, But that’s the way it goes I got lucky Friday picking nouri for wolves. I usually back the odds myself, all Man City teams tonight lol. Any ideas will Abraham or Hudson odoi start for Chelsea you reckon? I suppose if you knew that might aswel give me the lotto numbers

  • @Dav yeah it’s dreadful

  • @NewUser332703 said in 1 grand to spend.:

    What’s a better strategy, for example buy 100 Messi and de Bruyne or buy 50 20p players? 100 of each of the 20p players, only losing 20 a player if there horse shit

    At this moment in time I would suggest the following (and all before Thursday).

    1. Hire a hot tub.
    2. Get some beers in.
    3. Grab the marching powder.
    4. Hang around the local kabab shop tomorrow evening, awaiting some lads or lasses (depending on your taste - its a modern world these days, so I would suggest a couple of each).
    5. Spend 24 hours in said hot tub.

    Wake up Thursday evening without a care in the world, and also not having to worry about the losses that will be 100% nailed on, no matter who you buy....

    You need not thank me for the above, i'm here to help.

  • @NewUser332703 haha annoying Chelsea is tomo as they are the hardest to predict. think will be a lot of very city heavy teams. hmmm odoi and ziyech probably due a start. I might do one team covering them and one covering the other front 3.

  • @Millerman or get some beers in and play GTA 🤣

  • @Coriolanus yeah very annoying , Ziyech is the only one that will definitely start I’d say, odoi is perfect only one star aswel

  • @NewUser332703 said in 1 grand to spend.:

    @Millerman or get some beers in and play GTA 🤣

    errr no....grow up! :-)

  • @NewUser332703 I would wait until the international break to put money in.

  • At this moment, I would try to buy Messi at a low price. As long as he's fit, he'll make dividends for you for the next few years.

    I'd love to see anyone posting how they're making money with short term, low value trades at the moment! The spreads are too large and 75% of player values are decreasing.

  • I’d go for PB players, my top 3 PB players have returned 90% of my dividends from a port of 40 players.

    I joined a couple of years ago and had I have known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have looked any further than neymar, kimmich, Messi, KDB, etc.

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