Recycling shares

  • Hi,

    Still relatively new to FI- I bought a load of shares of various players last month who are coming the the end of their in play dividends. I think I have just about got to grips with how to buy and sell and am trying to understand how to recycle shares. Is the idea that I should first place a buy order at the highest price, and then instant sell, effectively selling my shares to myself? In this way I lose 2%, but hopefully could make that up in in play dividends the following month?

    Any recommendations/ help is appreciated!

  • @NewUser680086 It is not possible to sell your own shares to yourself.

  • @Number-5 ah ok. So I would have to sell them to the highest instant sell, then buy more? Seems like it’s not worth it as such a huge difference between buying and selling price

  • @NewUser680086 As pointed by by @Number-5....that wont work I'm afraid. You either need to buy your new shares first (i.e. double your holding) and then sell half, or sell all old then buy new. Either way I would not suggest buying at the highest price, as you will definitely not be able to sell for that! In short there's no cheap and easy way, and you cant buy from yourself.

  • @NewUser680086 There are a couple of ways -

    Sell the player on a spike i.e. a goal/assist/clean sheet or even on the day of the game, when the player is most in demand. Then buy back at a lower price later down the line. But you are relaying on the price of this player to go down .

    The other option is buy a player then add 2% to the purchase price and put the player up for sale and he should sell in the situations mentioned above. But you will need to have a cash balance for this, also it ties your funds up until the player sells.

  • @NewUser680086 best way in my experience is to wait for said player to get a goal or keep a clean sheet (might be more difficult with just an assist) and then try and sell using IS as bid creeps up. Then buy back at ideally same price or lower straight away. This isn’t easy if you have large holds but often works for 300 or less. This also relies on you being fairly active as a few hours later the activity may have dropped. Also, don’t buy too early, VAR has a habit of ruining things!

  • I’ve recycled my keepers since September my plan is keep an eye on the instant sell price which usually goes up a couple of pence when there’s a clean sheet,probably other players doing the same there will come a point for example someone is selling at 55p they disappear so I know 55p is a good sell point stick my 100 on at 55p then sell,place bids then of 50 shares at 55p and 50 shares at 54p and go from there works out I’ll pay £1 in commission but have the shares for another 30 days IPD

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