Is this product a sinking ship? It sure feels like it!

  • Is this product a sinking ship? Sure seems like it!

  • FI is not drowning but waving.

  • @Slim elaborate

  • Boring boring boring

  • I think that, if the order books just don't work when they complete the full process, they can still go back to a simpler system even with the change in technology and that should kick-start it again.

  • Yawn. If you don't like it leave, simple. When the fun stops, stop.

  • @MUFC
    Why I was asking is because there's not much positive feedback at the moment just doom
    and gloom so if a large percentage on here are unhappy they will be trying to get out won't they? So will FI just slowly sink.

  • @Slim I totally agree, sentiment is low at the moment but I think things will turn around, a global pandemic never helps any situation either

  • @Slim mate honestly, just listen to your gut feeling on here you will get people telling you that it will rocket and others will tell you that is sinking ,just listen to your gut feeling, because both of those stance are based on literally thin air .
    I wont share my opinion because I don't want to influence nobody .but I can advice you to listen to your gut feeling because people on here are absolutely deluded ,in both cases .

  • @MUFC I have never seen a port filled with such terrible players. What are your profit/loss figures? Where do you pick your players? from a straw hat?

  • Buy players you think are undervalued and will win dividends, don’t buy ones you think are overvalued and won’t. With Stindl paying me minimum 13%ish tonight I’d say that there’s plenty of money to be made and a falling market has to hit a point where the dividends on offer mean the value is tough to ignore/avoid.

  • @Slim

    Yep it’s dead atm ... I’ve moved on to Footstock which ain’t bad .... can’t see order books fixing it but f.I will be fixed eventually

  • The product is boring as fuck right now and in the next 5 days going to get even worse.

    However I just keep buying with my divs in decent value PB players and hope something turns around.

    While my port price is plunging every day and hard to watch the numbers shares is increasing.

    Big few months coming up for FI and it will be make or bust.

  • @Slim ??

  • @R9inter
    Thank you - good advice!

  • Baron Rothschild, an 18th-century British nobleman and member of the Rothschild banking family, is credited with saying that "the time to buy is when there's blood in the streets." He should know. ... The original quote is believed to be "Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own."

  • The whole world is currently in turmoil, sentiment drives every type of market and currently and rightly so sentiment is both low and very fickle for all types of markets.

    The easy thing to do is take your money and run for the hills until things get better the only problem with that is that history tells us that usually the majority of individuals after cashing in need to much reassurance that things are getting better that they re enter markets at a higher price than they left.

    There is the problem with investing so my advice is to trade the drops as best you can, continue to collect dividends and reinvest in quality players.

    The risk is that the product goes bust which I personally doubt and if it does not it will at some point grow and you will be richly rewarded.

    So yes the product will be volatile but if you think it has a future then stick with it and you will be rewarded unless you think you can time the market but for every 10 people who think they can only roughly 1 does.

  • I’d say this has been doomed for a long time. I used to be 30-50% up most the time but this has gradually been dwindling. Haven’t been on here for ages but just had a look and my portfolio is now at .03% profit. But that’s a load of rubbish as if I tried to sell my players I’d loose a fortune so how they can calculate your portfolio on the buy price is a dam right con.

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