Probably a Silly Question!

  • If bids and offers are all based on what people own and already have in the game then how does new money get into the game other than IPOs?
    Surely we’re just swapping money for those that are in and want to leave or accept a loss?
    If that’s the case then there is no opportunity for rises and prices drawn up by new money and only peak or random in form players will go up and down and everyone else is stagnant or goes down?

  • @Shnurgan people deposit cash and buy shares🤔🧐

  • @CLACKETT yes but only other people’s shares and not new shares

  • @Shnurgan I think the idea is FI were hoping people would keep buying at market price but while ever people what to leave they'll keep making offers below the market price to get out which is why the prices keep dropping further.

  • @Shnurgan if theres no shares to buy from the buy now from traders your buying from footie index not other traders.

  • @CLACKETT is there any way of seeing or knowing whether your buying of FI because no one has any offers or bids on that player?

  • I think it works as every time a player hits a new highest price, FI issue X number of new shares at that price.

    So if a player has been £1.00 forever, then suddenly makes it to £1.10, then along with all the shares being sold at £1.10 from traders, FI are also selling several hundred shares at £1.10.

    If he dips back to £1.00 for a month that back up to £1.10 for a day AGAIN no new shares are issued, but if he then hits £1.20, new shares are sold again

  • @B-EVO is there an FI thread or rules explanation of this that you could point me too?

  • When one day rather than players not having a ‘IS’ price they start to not have a ‘buy now’ price (i.e. no other person is selling that player), that is when finally FI start minting new shares... so far this has been more elusive than the holy grail (💆‍♂️)...

    When order books will be fully implemented we should be able to see how many shares and at what price need to be sold before FI start minting.

    That functionality / visibility is not available at the moment. Let’s pray.

  • @Kozo-Kira cheers.
    One final silly question for today...
    If I buy off FI but then offer the player at 10p higher will the value on the market show that rise or does FI overrule it with what they have set the value at when I bought in the first place?

  • The market value (buy now price) is so far determined by the lowest 900 shares on offers.

    So to influence that your shares at 10p higher than your last buy have to be part of the 900 lowest on offer.

    Now you have no control / visibility on that. With order books we should be able to see what those 900 are and act accordingly.

  • @Kozo-Kira yeah my point was more that do my shares take president. If I had 900 shares for instance and the only other shares are from FI then do my shares control the price?
    If not then doesn’t that go against the premise of the market?

  • @Shnurgan no one I am afraid has the answer to that yet.

    I would like to imagine (as you are I suppose) that the exact moment in which someone put a share on offer (therefore creating a ‘market driven’ buy now price) FI immediately stops minting - hence in your example ‘giving priority’ to the shares you put up for sale.

    But as I said, all wishful thinking at the moment. I would be content just to be in that scenario anytime soon - whatever the mechanism 😅

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