adam cole

  • does anybody think adam should say something or do something or is he just burying his head in the sand and watching his ship sink

  • Adam Cole... BAY BAY

  • @NewUser213636 Nope I don't, I don't think the ship is sinking - I think the ship's passengers need to decided if they are on board or not (that includes me).

    He was clear in his last update as to where the destination is, unfortunately this COVID fecker has meant the route is not as straight forward as it was 12 months ago. As I would suggest NASDAQ is not as straight forward as first thought.

    His and the company plan has not changed, the world and what we need our money for has - something has to give.....

    I think his feet may be on sand and the heat on his back - but certainly can't see his nogging being in the dirt.

  • I support Nottingham Forest and I liken him to our Greek owners who don't really say much when things go bad but when all goes well they are full of promise and expectation in telling folk what they want to hear...

    I think the biggest issue i have is that Cole is 'not' a football man, but a business man and i don't think other than a few tekky geeks and the odd ageing commentator for a bit of marketing there are enough 'football' people involved, especially in the decision making...

    I would like to see a simplified format to get people investing in all 3,000 players on the index and not just the 8 or 9 that can earn dividends under the current format... Otherwise it simply can't continue to work!

    I'm very downbeat by it... I've had three top premier league players 'on offer' for three days now... I'm not trying to sell a second hand car here, i just want some 'movement in the market' to make things interesting!!!

  • @NewUser213636 what on earth are you talking about!?

    Why? What has happened? What needs to be communicated?

    Secondly, he has taken a back seat, you should not hear from him again, and for good reason. And if he were to say something now, people would question what was going on.

    Finally, his communication feeds have bordered on moronic and embarrassing in the past, so I'm sure he'd only say something stupid any way.

    But I'm still unsure what you have experienced today that requires Adam to step out the woodwork?

  • Why would Adam Cole say anything?

    Customers are still selling players left right centre which means his nicely making that 2%. As long as his making money his chilling right now

  • my point is ive been on here 3 years had ups and downs 5 grand port but now every time i think ive bought a player at a good price where it cant go lower it does . what is the end result will pogba be a pound and salah ect .cant sell up and dont want to because i love this site and always knew its a gambling site but at the min its all going tits up. anyone please tell me theirs light at the end of the tunnel

  • @dannypea said in adam cole:

    I would like to see a simplified format to get people investing in all 3,000 players on the index and not just the 8 or 9 that can earn dividends under the current format... Otherwise it simply can't continue to work!

    I kind of get what you mean, but 14 different players have won divs (not even counting IPDs) in the last 3 days alone...hundreds of different players won divs last season!

    What would make sense is a point based system like the promotion back in March I think it was?

  • @Marksandygill tiered pb will get it moving without a doubt

  • I really don’t see that anything much is different. The market can only go so far before the yield available is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think it’s miles off that now.

  • @NewUser213636 say Salah was a pound. This is a guy who scores and assists consistently and is likely to win a bit of PB. Every goal or assist is 2%, a PB win, 4, 8 or 14%. You have three years to earn PB and MB. That would be absolutely mental pricing. Salah at £1 would be absolutely amazing.

  • @NewUser213636 it's no good anyone reassuring anybody, my advice would be if your worrying having doubts etc then try and sell up. The index in my opinion is in a transition and changing the way it wants to go, at the end of the day the index want people to be successful in their bets as they will keep investing. It's a tricky time world wide economically so why would the index be any different, the index is a GAMBLING company so there is a chance money will be lost, as long as everyone is aware when they sign up there can't be to many complaints

  • We just need to wait for the updates to see if it changes sentiment.

  • As @Richio said, shares can get as cheap as they want, FI aren't going to go bust (probably) so I'll keep buying and my returns will skyrocket! :)

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