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  • im one of those who dont like giving too much information away. i generally dont talk about any bargains i see until ive got the number i want but i thought it might be interesting see if we can name one bargain in this unprecedented moment of cheap prices ( ok we all know how much these drops are worrying us but lets leave that for another thread)

    my bargain man in Gianmarco Ferrari. at Sassuelo. current highest bid 19p as we speak. ive got 30 of him but might make him my first 100 share man. why?
    sofascore of 7.2 . 94 touches per game in an attacking team. with a propensity to get the odd GAA. has already won top defender this year. Really really dont get his low price. the last time i felt this way was with hakan 6 months ago and he became my first player to double his price

  • Literally impossible to name just one as there are bargains everywhere when you look at the dividends/yields. However, most will drop a little more at present I feel.

    Fill ya boots when you think the time is right.

  • Kimmich is still the biggest bargain on the index.
    Dividends twice a week atm. Should be king of the index.

  • @Tweek cant disagree there. got some bids on him atm

  • @Erased-Citizen yeah slowly and surely to keep the av prices low

  • Tescos Christmas cadbury selection box only a quid bargain! πŸ˜‰

  • Lars Stindl. Currently available for 29p. Got 4p last night and missed MF PB to Kimmich by a whisker.

  • @Richio i noticed he did well and i rate him. ive probably got my quota of the older guys now. just too many to choose from

  • @CLACKETT i just got 3 x 6 pinters of milk from morrisons for 40p a go. into the freezer they go. money saved going into kimmitch!

  • @jonathan-rolfe he’s playing in Europe in a free scoring team, got 13 goal contributions last season and takes penalties. His price must be down to age.

  • @Richio thats it. there just isnt the money around to catch up with the divs. ive got shares in parejo/gomez/ronaldo/messi in tems of the older guys and a few more scattered around. i didnt realise he was on penalties. Thought that might be hoffman. im pretty well stocked for BMG: neuhaus/thuram/plea/ginter/hoffman

  • I always scrap around at the bottom end finding players that can potentially earn 50-80% in one day.

    For bargain basement, you could do a lot worse than these: (for transparency I hold all of these in decent quantities)

    Letizia - 19p - can pick up for 10p. Already scored this season from full back and has a decent PB base. He’s 30 tho so ancient in FI terms.

    Alex Moreno - 28p - can pick up for 16p. Back to form this season and a regular in an exciting Betis team. Scoring similar PB scores to Emerson on the other side. Posted 171 last week with no goal/assist or clean sheet so enough to suggest a PB win could happen if all falls his way.

    Wateru Endo - 27p - can pick up for 16p. Box to box midfielder for Stuttgart and suits the matrix with his high pass rate. The odd goal would give him a chance of PB. 27 years older and a Japan international.

    Panagiotis Retsos - 35p - can pick up for 16p. Just turned 22 and now injured (unsure how long for) but was a Β£17m purchase 2 years ago. I really rate him if he can stay injury free.

    As the prices suggest, there are risks with these (age, injuries, PB record) but all IMO have a decent enough chance of picking up PB on bronze/silver days and any IPD payout can be 10-25% straight away. The divs on offer are so large currently that the opportunity far outweighs the risk and happy to hold all of the above for a minimum of 12 months.

    Anyone else hold any of these or got similar suggestions at this price bracket?

    DYOR of course and good luck! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Poggers is starting to enter that territory now at sub Β£2.74

  • @OldhamSam i like these. i almost got letizia a while back and know of the others.

    off of the top of my head players who would fall into the same bracker would be ferrari at Sassuelo/ Steffen at Wolfsburg/ Grifo ( a little bit more expensive). maybe Fulkgrug

  • @jonathan-rolfe im also into cheap central defenders with high touches in decent teams who can win pb with GAA. 2 that come to mind are Tah at Leverkusen ( great defenders there so struggling to get in team but there will be rotation) and Ginter at bmg

  • @OldhamSam i see moreno has a lot of touches. and more than last season. they must have changed his role or maybe its just the improvement in Betis form. ive already upped my shares in Canales. i have some in Fekir but lost quite a lot of faith in him

  • Sooo many.

    Bergwijn can be had for 85p, I think Mourinho will bring him back in at some point, and he's a good player.

    Hakan Calhanoglu at about 1.80 is cheap

    Nketiah at 1.30 or so is great value

    Coutinho is cheap at under Β£2

    Even Messi is a bargain. He's returned 12.5% of his price in divs and we're only a fifth of the way through the season.

  • @jonathan-rolfe

    As many have mentioned there are loads .. .

    One i'd suggest is Isco - definite transfer in Jan. . . Big capital rise ..

    I might be biased as Inrate Isco highly as a player. 2 years ago he was probably the best dribbbler in Europe in his position .. .form is temporaty and class is permanent.. whe you dont play regularly u can judge a player.. Jame Rodriguez of everton prime example.. .i think Isco when given regular play time will prove the same.

  • @Falcon have you seen how overweight he is? His head's gone. I'd stay clear.

  • @Falcon i really loved him a few years back. great touch. certainly one im watching

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