Loyalty Reward

  • I feel people.who have been on the index for a certaun period of time and have not withdrawn significant amounts out .. FI should give some kind of loyalty bonus for sticking through hard times.

    What message would that give out? FI reward loyal customers. Result - increases faith on the FI

    There needs to be something done of this sort to reward people who are keeping the faith.

    What do you guys think?

  • A good idea would be to pay out a 5% bonus to all your shares you have held for a year. Even a smaller bonus for players held for 365 days would incentivise people to hold. The problem is FI makes so much from sales commission, that I don’t think they would ever implement this. Who knows 🤞

  • The current promo is definitely underwhelming. I know we put a lot of pressure on FI to sort the market when in fact, traders are partly to blame but still...there are some cheap yet smart ways they could improve sentiment.

    I'm happy for someone to pick this apart but instead of the current rebate, they could've offered maybe an extended IPD period for market buys? I know it'd probably cost FI more than the rebate but I think it would be an actual legit incentive to market buy as opposed to bidding low.

  • why is longer users money better then newer users money . I would think new users should get some sort of bonus . give them a chance to to see what the platform has to offer . If you have been on the platform for a year or more less chance of you cashing up then a new user

  • @Falcon i think this would send out a bad msg to new users saying that their money is not as welcome as old users. I'm an old user and this would totally divide the old and new users. How would this encourage new users when they dont get treated the same.

  • @Mart

    If new users show faith they would also if FI put a fixed loyalty bonus in place. Many people have taken their profits and left and others have decoded to keep faith.. those are the ones who deserve a bonus imo. As i say it should be a continued theme where people who keep the faith get rewarded. They earning more.with the extra 2% commisions soon also. Already the money theyve received through so much trading is much more than what they pay back!!


    It would encourage new users to keep the faith as they will be rewarded in future also. I.e. they can say these users will be rewarded for such and such time period and new users if they keep their investments for a certain period will also be rewarded etc.. if it makes sense.

  • Isn't there already a promo for new users? Not sure if it's still going but there was a no loss promo where you could get all your losses back before a certain date if you weren't enjoying it.

  • @howsthebacon Yep. Still going. £500 risk free.

  • @Zaka_7 how many people have took the option to cut their losses and start again and then never used it again?

    I'm not Mr Negativity, but if I'd started say last week, I'd be exercising my right to walk away with my money lol.

  • @Falcon Our loyalty reward will be we get to buy shares at these cheap prices(I hope). Things are fucked right now but FI has such potential that it has a high chance of paying off.
    Its always hard in the moment to see the big picture, but eventually people wont let the div payouts go by them.

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