Just sitting and waiting

  • There now seams to me that there is little to do but sit and wait .... pump back in any dividends to reduce cost of portfolio and hope FI get this together.
    Every purchase made just keeps dropping in value regardless of performance.
    Spreads are no good for selling, or refreshing for IPD’s
    Flipping seams to me to be almost impossible.

    I pretty much give up .... might as well just delete the app and just pop back in once in a while to see how the portfolio looks and decide if it’s worth pumping back any dividend earnings

  • @Three-lions I'm saving my div's for the next week or so and will be re-investing them. Might be sooner, but I feel there will be a bit more of a drop before the 2% on buy's comes in. Especially considering it's gonna be an International break. Time to reap the rewards and get those accumalative buy prices down

  • I would'nt bother looking untill the euro's at the earliest.

  • ![alt text](2ECB1247-A3EA-479A-B523-046180F8AE7C.jpeg image url)

  • @Three-lions I flipped a few of my holds today, made a profit in the process and vastly reduced my buy price on them. It’s tough and can’t be done for every player, but it’s doable with some effort. In a downward market sell the old shares first then try to rebuy lower. Watch the IS on a player and wait for someone who go a long way above the IS. Someone chucked in a 2.00 offer for Gouiri today and I bought them back in twenty minutes for 1.78. My original buy price was 2.10.

  • @Richio I feel that sums it up for me .... was fun, was loving it .... now it’s just effort

    I still believe this will all turn around and will make a killing but right now there’s just no fun in it.

    I kind of almost kind of wish I’d never got involved to be honest

  • @Three-lions I can understand that. It depends what you want from it. I went through the same thought process as you on brown Sunday, but since buying back in I’ve refocused on dividends and am just enjoying the ride. I’ve got lots of Pb holds that don’t need refreshing but I will if I can. Goalies are great value and there are some bottom end bargains. But if you’re a passive trader and cap app is your aim I can totally see where you’re coming from.

  • @Three-lions just look at the NO IS on all the players. Its like there's a glitch on app. Its embarrassing. They need the whole market to appeal and while you can flip players most people on here are not professional traders. You should be at least be able to exit players, even at a loss. To say a player is worth 5 pound but you cant actually recieve anything now is a joke and needs addressing

  • @osmanlao I think that is pretty realistic to be fair ... money’s just locked in until it’s running properly now

  • Where are the much vaunted market makers?

  • Time Werner what's going on with his price total madness

  • @Richio fair play for being brave enough to do that, I did similar when the ME first got introduced. Topped up holds I believed in at cheaper prices thinking the rewards will be even greater. Ended up riding down with double/triple the amount in some

  • @Terrier I’ve had one or two where my money got stuck, but largely it’s worked, with effort.

  • @Three-lions Unfortunately for all us traders yep.Million dollar question is when are going to see somenormality return to the platform.It's a sit and wait policy.

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