Never before.. .top 200

  • Just seen the top 200 - Zero players have a rise of even 1p !!! Absolutely shocking.. not even one player ... and on the other side loads in red as has been the case for the past months. Im just releived I decided from the start to invest in the lower end of the market. I really feel for many traders.

    FI will definately have to do something. I know immediate reactions dont mean anything but their changes have not worked albeit PB dividends have never been more attractive. They need to sort out player valuation issues.

    I have the faith and will stick through it. And hopefully it works out.. .

  • great post. There are so many players in the 50p to £2 bracket who are regularly winning or getting near winning dividends. i just wish i had more money right now

  • @Falcon players have essentially been valued by traders buying them over the previous months and years.

    If you understand that this hasn't happened before and you understand that this isn't going to happen forever, what is your point in this post? Is it to suggest a way you think FI should change or is it simply to vent?

  • @Lukeroro

    What im suggesting is that FI need to announce more changes that will impact the market in a positive manner. Since theyve just made changes and we see no effect. Inknow changes take time to implement but nobody in their right frame of mind will say if the current model continues then it will get better. So some sognificant changes are are.required that will impact the market amd bring back confidence. I dont know exactly 100% what to do but I that aint my job.

  • @Falcon I don't think that it's all to do with confidence. There has been too many sign up offers, deposit bonuses and promos building up players price to now let them slowly return to there rightful price. It effects both short term trading and long term when prices are too high. People talk about yields constantly but most traders across the platform won't hold for three years and even if they did so much changes in sport in 3 years that someone can go from being a £4 player to a £1 player so the yields mean nothing.

  • Not just the top 200 - this is what my little port looks like at the moment.


    Had them all up for sale using the offer price for maybe 2 weeks now and since then many have no sell price.

    I'm stuck.

  • @Jenny that's brutal. I was always worried that people would be stuck with holds when order books came in. It doesn't give anyone the option to do anything, imagine if your coming up to the end of your 3 year bet and this is the situation. What happens?

  • @Tom7471

    What happens is you lose your stake. Which is why the risk associated with buying a player has gone up and prices are falling.

    With IS you had no chance of losing all your money (save through your own carelessness), now there is a chance, which means you need a bigger return to justify that risk.

  • @GeoffS yeah exactly. People might not realise how big the risks are now in comparison to what they were before. Chalk and cheese

  • b5fd440c-64ad-4482-944b-94126df43294-image.png

    This is how it looks after the latest announcement.

    I just can't sell up, even if I wanted to.

    4 out of 10 with no IS.

    Only 3 of those 6 that I can sell I can sell every share as some players only have 1 or 5 offers against them.

    I can get £270.48 out in total against the cost of £420.51 (thats the 3 players I can take the hit and get out), so a £150 hit!

    Its a nightmare!

  • @Jenny I have a 30 player port. 13 no IS, even Bruno only had 6 bids. I'm afraid we lost the gamble

  • I took the hit...only two players i couldn't sell... sorry to be negative but it all looks ominous to me.... anyone willing to bet this portal is defunct in 12 to 18mths and all the money disappeared...

  • @NewUser557592 cant happen . Even if the players are on zero they still pay the dividends

  • @AndydfopT unless they declare themselves bankrupt lol,and reopen a different company under different name with a different CEO all legal....

  • @AndydfopT I have the same number of players with 26 with no IS. This whole thing is a shambles

  • @AndydfopT

    we are all feeling rough right now and its gone on for too long, but listen to


  • @kaka8 just want to add check out a company like canadian solar

    lost half its value before moving up 3x in 6 months

    or plug power which dropped 50% before rising a staggering 9x in 6 months

  • @kaka8 its just beginning

  • Even bitcoins renaissance in the last few months has been impressive

  • @Gregolocky because paypal and square and banks are accepting it now, and a trader i really like has just invested....however, strict laws were placed on the markets to stop pump and dump and spoofing...then crypto came about which has no laws...its a load of shite

    oh and read into minting shares and today i saw there are fears the bitcoin world could surpass the 21M limit

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