The "Regret" Thread

  • Thought I would start a thread on regretful trades. Might be interesting to hear other peoples mistakes and might help us all improve.

    I bought 100 Ibrahimovic's @ £2.77. A few days later was up to £3.03 but I kept him as I believe he was the main man for buzz last year. He then dropped to £2.53 (I Think).

    I read on buzz that he could be signing back to Utd but as a coach. I sold up straight away for a loss of £22 as I thought he would be worthless as a coach, so I took the hit instead of loosing the full £277. (Seemed like a sensible move at the time)

    Now look at him over £4. Shame

    My other regret is attempting to get a 25p player at 1pm on a friday and ending up paying over £1. Wont be bothering with that again unless the system changes to help us mere mortals.

  • Any goalkeeper. I bought courtois who has now dropped 15p a future.

    Think my only hope of recovery is monitoring price during games and selling when he saves a penalty, which I'm guessing will see a price spike.

  • He is 67p a future at the minute??

  • Had 400 shares in Granit Xhaka, was away for a few days and found out he got relegated with my shares being void.

  • Ouch, Never thought about the whole holiday thing.

    Suppose selling at a loss before going is better than it all disappearing.

  • @iwantmore said in The "Regret" Thread:

    He is 67p a future at the minute??

    Yeah, I foolishly bought at 82p, which was an error in itself.

    I hope they put keepers in their own PB category as they'll rarely outscore defenders.

  • Sorry I miss read that. I read they were now 15p a future lol. thought it seemed impossible

  • Mistakes... I've made a few.

    I had 200 Messi bought for about £1.20 average in January. Sold up at £1.80.

  • @ACBlue This is where FI went wrong imo.There information lead me to believe that the PB was going to be spread over the team of the week.The team being made up of the highest GK,DF's,MF's,STR's.People are investing in goalkeepers who have very little chance of the PB as they are competing with DF.

  • Selling Lukaku last season just before he started scoring! Bought a couple more recently, just to feel better.

  • Another one for me. Sold 300 X brahim Diaz and 200 koke 2 days ago and then they were both top risers yesterday.

    I have absolutely nailed bad timing with football Index. Maybe I should go against my gut feelings haha

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