Football Index Podcast with Adam Cole!

  • Hey guys, Adam Cole is going to be coming on to the Podcast next Friday so if you have any questions please post them in the comments below!

  • @The-FIG
    Nice one Figster!
    Im unsure if it’s been said or if anyone knows but t’d be cool to know if there was any plans to give out dividends differently for the WC games/how they’d be treated? So would they be classed as single game days and have 4p top forward etc or like European games where it’s 12p top forward and so on? Or something in between?
    Thanks, have fun 👍

  • I'm sure others will deal with the more important stuff but my particular bugbear is with the watch list. I was really dissapointed to see Adam's response to a question about this being more or less that no one uses it so we're not bothering to improve it.

    It's not used much because it's not fit for purpose. Being able to order and catagorise players, tracking the price from when you added them and making it the same across all devices would surely make it an invaluable tool.

    Love the pod mate, have learnt a lot from you and your guests. Keep up the good work!

    • Android app?
    • What additional features are being worked on regarding the search and portfolio pages - filtering, sorting etc?
    • Any plans for expansion into new leagues?
    • Plans for new season and advertising campaigns
    • Share split? What it is and what it will mean for new and existing users?
    • Figures on growth of the platform and expected growth for the new season.

  • @Jazzman
    Absolutely agree with this! I added loads to the watchlist when I started thinking i did all that. I only use it now to remind of players I want to get in the future as that’s pretty much all it can do. If this was more functional and linked with the profile itself, this would be a massively helpful tool!

  • @FranklynMary I heard a while ago that they have no intention to change anything when it comes to dividends during the world cup. That means a lot of single match days.

  • @NewUser59855
    That was my assumption, but thought worth enquiringly about for sure. If he doesn’t ask/reply then we’ll find out soon enough anyway! Haha

  • @FranklynMary The WC dividends have already been confirmed. Haven't checked the email before posting this but I'm pretty sure it was single for the groups and second round, double for the quarters and treble for the semis and final.

  • @BL__FI
    Nice one. I haven’t checked my emails, sounds good 👍

  • @FranklynMary Think it was sent before you joined mate but I imagine the info is on the blog somewhere.

  • Players names for MB, the system currently very unfair . Why should mo salah get awarded points when clearly his name Mohamed salah . I heard that you have to complain to fi in order for the players name get rectify . I am sure the gambling and regulators will agree with us regarding this matter . FI index should be fair for all users .

    Ipo - mr Cole sort this out because it’s a joke when players comes on market and prices doubles up . Changes needs to be made , I see many users including myself getting upset over the way ipo operates .

    Aside from the rant , your pod cast is decent . Keep it up figs

  • Security - get 2 factor authentication option installed for trader peace of mind. Other than a password, there's nothing stopping a hacker breaking into someone's account and sabotaging their portfolio.

  • @FOF Cheers mate! Appreciate that :)

  • Dear Mr Cole,
    When, oh when, will you treat assists with the respect they deserve? For too long you've seen them as a 'nothingness', and I can't take it anymore.
    Please cut short my longing for fair treatment of this, currently underappreciated, contribution by a player.
    My heart is forever yours

    1. Regarding player names, needs to be a bit more transparency. Salah's value obviously rocketed when he was changed so there should have been an announcement when they made a change. Therefore I would suggest to Mr. Cole maybe make these changes on a Monday with a News update. Personally, it is what it is, it doesn't have to be fair as long as people know the rules - would suggest that on the player's page, it should state the accepted names so people know.

    2. Market Sale - I support the future buy and sell orders but in the meantime, we need to know our position in the sell queue. I'm not an expert but this appears to be a basic change , can we ask if it is current in development and when is the expected ETA.

    3. Android App - can we have a proper update, the whole 'coming soon' thing is getting a bit comical. I don't see the problem, there used to be an android app so what is the problem. To my understanding, Android has a higher market share in UK than iOS so it doesn't make sense.

    4. Not sure if this is a question as such. But my immediate thoughts are that the summer is not a good time for new users. Realistically, there are likely to be crashes as teams are knocked out - people can lose a lot of money on transfer speculation. With this in mind, why have FI poured a lot of money into advertising now ? My general thoughts are retaining users will be easier around September when there is less volatility. That may be a better time to pump out the marketing budget. Would be interested to hear Mr. Cole's thoughts.

    5. Why did they choose to go with the 100k sweepstake thing. For me, the money would be better spent on promotional WC PBs. That would I think stimulate more interest than a random draw.

  • I think there is general disappointment at the 100k sweepstake. It isn't a great tool to attract new customers (your average newbie does not through £100 at FI upon sign up).

  • @mike778 points 1-3 are decent but I love point 4 and 5. But I think theyre hoping to score big off the back of the world cup. But yeah in September - November maybe the best. Point 5 I totally agree, 100k could be so much more useful I'm other areas.

  • @John-Renwick said in Football Index Podcast with Adam Cole!:

    @mike778 points 1-3 are decent but I love point 4 and 5. But I think theyre hoping to score big off the back of the world cup. But yeah in September - November maybe the best. Point 5 I totally agree, 100k could be so much more useful I'm other areas.

    The problem is that you only get one chance with most people. If someone signs up during the world cup after seeing the ads. Puts their money into say ronaldo and then the next day portugal are knocked out and his prices crashes, its not going to be a good experience. If they lose money they will probably not come back and arent going to be talking about it positively to others.

    Obviously this can happen any time if there is a bad injury but its far more likely in the summer. I know why they are doing it but it seems a bit short sighted to me.

  • You could look on the flip side though, when I joined and saw a player crash I was very intrigued as to why. I didn't think I've lost some cash I'm off it made me study it harder.

  • Yes it's hard to predict. I joined during jan transfer window volatility and saw it as an opportunity. I think most who would join the site anyway would be fairly open to profiting from risk rather than immediately put off by it.

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