Remind me again why this is better/more fun then a traditional bet..?

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    @Munchie63 not droning its called an opinion you should try it sometime instead of actively looking for me and saying negative stuff... dont be jealous its not a nice trait just either join me or swiftly move along & ignore ..and the fact 5 ppl have personally pm me complaining that they are losing money on here daily so my words are helping some ppl,obviously not you but i dont care about you because your a negative nanny who seems to love digging me out

  • @howsthebacon no one on this thread answered the question... I don’t see how it’s better or more fun, squabbling on here isn’t fun, unless you have a lot invested the returns aren’t great, for the effort, luck & any other factors required. The many & constant changes..& still no end/idea as to what the finished product is. The basics should be simple & set in stone..

  • @OneBigHoliday I guess it's just opinion, some people find this more fun, some don't right? I guess it's more fun because the bet lasts three years and you can trade in and out of it, there is also the flipping aspect which can be fun if you find sitting and waiting on dividends to be too boring. The 'fun' is subjective but looking at the current state of affairs, not many people are having fun.

  • @OneBigHoliday So to simply answer your question from my own personal point of view / experience;

    On FI I've been able to SLOWLY (over 3yrs) accumulate a portfolio of players who now regularly return me £1000 per month, I have a balanced portfolio (possibly too diversified) and so believe this will continue for a good while now. I've never had more than £15k of my own money in here & that was to maximise a bonus offer and it was a very stressful time & I quickly got back to what I felt I could ''afford to lose // have tied up for a good amount of time.''

    It's given me a love of all the top 5 leagues, I have favourite clubs from each one. I love when the teamsheets come out so I can see which of my players are starting and I love following the matchday PB table and seeing my players do well. I also love waking up to find one of my players has sntached MB with a 11.30pm article :-D

    I can now do all that without risking another penny (unlike traditional betting) so that's why I continue to love FI :-)

  • @howsthebacon it was quite fun & was an alternative, a bit of research etc.. but so much wrong with the platform, from basic things to bigger issues, all these podcasts, what’s the point of them? Not adding anything currently.. sort the product decide what you want to be then build podcasts etc around it.

    Again, not having a dig... but so many variables that a traditional bet doesn’t have...or the concerns.

  • @OneBigHoliday I'm guessing you're referring to FI's own podcast as opposed to the independent ones. I dont listen to them to be honest and yeah it is a bit frustrating when their comms makes out like everything is ok but I guess the changes are taking a bit of time.

    But yeah I guess it's not as fun when we're sat here waiting for the changes and not knowing how far our ports will drop but the concept of FI is definitely more fun than just placing a bet in my opinion at least.

  • Maybe you need to remind yourself. Its not other peoples job to tell you if you find it more or less fun. You should be able to make that decision for yourself surely? I personally find it more fun, it sounds like you don't atm. So you have 2 choices. If you don't want to bet anymore then either leave and take the value you're offered for your port now or be patient and hope that things pick up again. Posts like these achieve nothing except possibly the opposite of what you and others on here want, which is market confidence. If youre thinking about selling up or waiting for it to pick up why would you want to rock any part of the boat?

  • @howsthebacon I love the concept, hence why here (for now) god knows how people feel who have big money in players, there paper losses currently must be big & you’d have some fear for the future surely.

  • @AT10 fair play & good answer, the only one who actually addressed the post, I agree to many of your points, to many ( I know it’s reduced ) 15k is an awful lot of money to gamble.

    Larger amounts better rewards as with any bet.. many would have much smaller amounts on the table, yet significant to them.. rewards if successful aren’t that big.

    I like the concept, the football manger element etc.. there is certainly a place for it, but it’s shambolic currently.

  • @OneBigHoliday Apologies, I didn't mean it to sound like I came in and dropped £15k day one (I wish!!) I started with £100, approx 3 months later when PB was introduced I went for a 45min swim and came back and said to the Mrs I think we should put in £2k, from there it built up over time but I fully admit my portfolio was increasing in value all the time and there was the safety net of instant selling back to FI so it was much easier to justify putting more money in.

    Today I would have to be more cautious but I fully believe that if anyone can afford to put money in & leave it here they could easily build a portfolio that earns a substantial return month on month. Especially when I consider that both my savings accounts have written to me to inform me that my interest rates are being reduced to 0 or next to 0!!

  • @AT10 oh I understood it grew slowly, as did mine (£6k) at its peak... but it’s still serious money, when you think about it, one career ending or long injury someone could have huge money wiped out completely (I know that’s the gamble & rare but still )

    You don’t have that with a trad bet.. It’s hard (not now for many )not to keep putting more into this site, which I doubt the large majority of people would do via Ladbrookes/SkyBet etc...

  • What I like about FI is its a 3 year bet, so you have time on your side and even if you lose, chances are it wont be all your money.
    When it comes to normal bets, its over quick and even when you win you can still lose...........

  • @Kanzz agree on some points, you can win & lose here too. That’s betting.

  • @OneBigHoliday Lifes a gamble in my book lol

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