A possible solution?

  • Currently we're all making things difficult for ourselves by bidding as low as we can go. While these ridiculous bids are being accepted why wouldn't we - it's money after all!
    If FI put a cap on the lowest we could bid (say 10% less than the market value) we wouldn't see any of these bargains anymore, but we would see fluidity. We wouldn't feel hard done by because we can't shift dead wood because a 10% hit doesn't feel too bad. Those who are putting in bids would start to go to 9% below market price to get their man quicker, then 8%, 7% and so on until we are back to where we were and people were happy!
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't feel that FI customers would be in up in arms that there aren't bargains, but feel they've got their old product back. At the moment Cap App has gone and it's just dividends - this would drive both.
    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.....

  • Surely in that event people will just not bother bidding at all? Theres plenty of players with no bids currently. I would suggest almost the opposite-allow bids at any level.

  • @DannyR goes completely against the concept of an open market with traders setting the relevant prices which is what fi are trying to create

  • @DannyR il tell you what that would do undermine the system the idea is to have no cap. By doing this what would end up happening is there would be no sell prices on 95% of players. Less money floating around and be more volitle on certain players

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