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  • I am completely new to the FI, so my understanding of the system is still someway off where it needs to be and I have been doing quite alot of research into it along with some small trades, but there is still one thing I dont quite understand in regards to placing an offer...

    I understand placing a bid and getting a match from someone selling, but when placing an offer it only allows you to place it 1p below the 'buy now price' and 50p above I think it is.

    This is probably the stupid question..why would you list an offer for more than the buy now price if someone can just pay the buy now price??

    Also, if for example salah was priced at £10 and the lowest you can put an offer on is £9.99, how would a bid of say £9.90 match??

    Apologies for the newbie questions, but I cant find much online to explain it.

  • @NewUser679026 take jota for example during the week. He scores a hat trick and has a 50p rise because traders are buying from the buy now. You could have set an offer way above his buy now price and it gets matched on the way up.

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  • @Gregolocky so how would a bid below the buy now price by 2p or more match? On the way back down?

  • @NewUser679026 are you buying or selling a player?
    To buy a player you can either use the buy now option or place a lower bid which may or may not get accepted by another trader over time.

    To sell a player you can either IS ( instant sell ) to another trader who has made a bid ( like I mentioned above ) or place an offer to sell at a price you’re happy to accept either 1p below current price or anything up to 50p above.

    As you can probably see there is a lot of players without a sell price atm, this is due to low liquidity.

  • I asked exactly the same question as a new starter too.

    Im still not totally clear but my understanding is that a £1 player may not always have been £1. So there are sell offers of less than £1 from when the player used to be 90p for example ready to be matched by people who are offering below the £1 to buy.

    My question would be wouldn’t the person who put them on sale at 90p just retract their offer and reoffer at 99p?

  • @NewUser680172 said in Placing an offer question...:

    My question would be wouldn’t the person who put them on sale at 90p just retract their offer and reoffer at 99p?

    If the player hasn't sold for 90p, it is unlikely to sell for 99p.

  • @Gregolocky Are you saying if I instant sell I could end up getting more than shown as it may be matching with a traders bid? Also, if I placed an offer at the same price as the 'Buy it now price' is it likely to match with someone using the buy now option?

  • @NewUser679026 All sells now are trader to trader.

  • When a seller hits 'instant sell' they are matching with the highest bid set by a buyer. When a seller hits 'place an offer' they are either undercutting another seller on price to get to the front of the market buy queue, or they're setting a high offer in anticipation of a price spike. When a buyer hits 'market buy' they are matching with the lowest offer set by a seller. When a buyer hits 'place a bid' they are waiting for a seller to instant sell.

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