• Hi folks,

    I've never posted before, so please forgive my naivety. I'm just after a little explanation & help understanding my confusion. I've put in 2k Summer 2018 & up until April/May my portfolio has been rising & rising in value. I check my portfolio value & dividends daily. Late April (well after lockdown & curtailed seasons) portfolio peaked at £950 profit, so almost +150% of my initial input.

    Since then I've seen my portfolio value progressively fall slowly at first. It was still £500 profit (+125%) by late Summer. However, since the new football season has started in the last few weeks, my portfolio has absolutely tumbled to the point that it is now in a minus.

    Long & short my portfolio has lost all profit & is continuing the drop further.

    My three years is up Summer 2021. I'm firstly wondering if anyone can help simplistically explain why the above has happened despite me retaining 95% of a successful portfolio? And will the market recover in time forthis coming summer?

    Basically, should I cut my slight losses & get out before the three years when I lose all my investment? Furthermore, I don't even know if I'm able to sell shares anymore!

    What the hell is going on?

  • I wonder of you have seen any of the other posts on the forum recently regarding falling ports and possible outcomes ? There have been one or two which will explain the situation

  • @NewUser166320 poor sentiment atm mainly due to the system changes etc

    It's worth noting at this point that no share has ever expired and wont do before 2021, fi have said that this is something they're working on but from past experiences this could mean that time stamping of shares and then expiration may well get implemented sometime in 2023

  • Just to answer one of the points probably not mentioned elsewhere, FI aren't terminating shares at 3yrs at the moment, so I wouldn't worry about that until closer to the time.

  • @AT10 Ok thank you. I hadn't heard this anywhere. Is that just in the short-term? Mine are due to expire June 2021. Is that no longer the case? How do you find out exactly when each share expires? Was thinking of cashing out my whole portfolio before any of my shares expire just to be on the safe side instead of losing any. With my whole profit wiped out though that wouldn't be wise currently even if I was able to sell players!

  • @Munchie63 No I haven't and thank you. I shall look.

  • @NewUser166320 said in Confusion:

    @Munchie63 No I haven't and thank you. I shall look.

    you're welcome

    and as said below, dont worry over the 3yr period.

    Sept 21 is a long way off but their lifespans are very likely to be extended

  • @NewUser166320 So I believe the plan is that eventually you'll be able to see in your portfolio the expiry dates, at the moment as far as I'm aware you have to manually download your transaction history and filter in excel to find when you bought them (a bit of a pain!!) Let me know if you need further help with this.

    Just to give you a general heads-up, not sure if you remember from last year but this is a normal FI cycle with regards to selling / buying (admittedly amplified by the product changes) lots of traders cashout before Xmas and there is always a massive promotion in January to bring in new traders. So if you don't need the money then I'd sit tight at least until the end of international break.

  • So, now my portfolio value is -£250 & is sinking an average of £50 a day. All this after being +£950 a few weeks back. Folks keep telling me to sit sight, the market will stabilise & my portfolio will recover. Does anybody know when this might happen? Most of the shares will expire after 3 years in Spring 2021 & am getting a little snxious.

  • I’m pretty sure the 3 year share thing isn’t being enforced but can anyone confirm?

  • @NewUser166320 I understand your frustration. What do have your port value set on?

  • @Archer22 there's no way on earth FI have the tools to implement the three year share end!!!

    I got out a few of mine earlier this year that were due in October so ran it close, FI did say they stretched it to four years but frankly i didn't trust them to get it right so pulled out the money instead! That said I was 'considering' chancing it and keeping them but i felt i had too much to lose. In the end good choice considering the recent spreads and loss of liquidity in the market.

    One thing to note though.. The only reason for FI saying three years was because they were told by gambling commission or whoevers in charge that to take a bet, they must have a bet date end... they simply plucked three years out thinking nobody would hold for that long... they never intended on anybody holding and they certainly never thought of having a system that counts the days down of ones hold!!!!

  • @AndydfopT I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean by port value set on? If you mean what players, I have a cross section of mainly attacking players. 25 max in each.

  • @NewUser166320 what I meant was do you have it set on mid price, buy price , average offer price?

  • The 3 year thing isn't implemented yet. They can't really do it unless they are clearly showing you which shares are going to expire.

    I think that it will come, but they will give advanced notice and probably set a brand new marker for your shares.

    What we need at the moment is a change in sentiment. Putting the prices in the hands of traders has been a disaster!

    Next week we see the return of football and pay days, so perhaps we'll get a bit of new money in. We need everything to stabilise again, start getting players on the rise and then resume marketing. It might take a few months.

  • @AndydfopT I'm led to believe all portfolios are set to default mid range now, unless you change it. Portfolio has droppedanother -£100 today, but this change isn't the reason for my confusion/frustrating in seeing my +100% profit portfolio drop past break even & now -33% on my initial investment. I started this thread well before any buy price/mid range etc was even discussed let alone implemented.

  • Sorry I should have highlighted those above percentages are based a continual drop in value over the last 3/4 months. My portfolio value was still consistently rising after football was halted & aldo right up until the new season kicked off. This is when it started plummeting. See the figures quoted at top of this thread.

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