Portfolio Advice

  • From the majority of comments I have read it appears the feeling is the platform will come good again if you have a portfolio of players who are regular dividend winners.

    I got on this platform a couple of years ago and have always bought young players based on future potential as a long term investment rather than instant dividend returns e.g. Rodrygo, V Junior, Foden, Mount etc. I'm not saying they have never won me dividends but it is not on a regular basis.

    Do people think these kind of portfolios will recover in the future? Thanks for any advice.

  • @NewUser185411 I recommend speaking to @Kanzz - he had a similar approach and I believe he has started to accept this might not be fruitful in the current circumstances and has started to adapt a bit.

  • i have most of the players you have mentioned and i do believe prices in these will eventually recover but i also think the way to go now is to focus on regular/possible pb winnners. the good news is that most of these are way cheaper

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