Where is the bottom?

  • Aside from anatomical advice I have a question about the current downward spiral. How long do you think this trajectory continue before it either hits the floor or FI step in. I would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has seen this happen with other businesses/markets.

    There seem to be a number of camps that focus on a)worry, b)trader empowerment or c)dont worry. But I would be interested to hear from people who have experience or seeing this downward trend.

    Also, I have noticed people have stopped talking about market makers. What's the current speculation? Are they waiting for NASDAQ or have they taken a decision based on current trends?

  • @NewUser469373

    I think it depends on the player. Some still have a long way to fall, some are at about the right price and the moment and some are undervalued. Yes there is a general market sentiment but I don't think you can apply one rule to the market as a whole.

  • Until FI have a product where everyone understands what the rules are & how it works.. constant change, dithering, reacting to customer base ( rightly at times, but still ).

  • The market was lower in mid August. That’s the bottom. At that point I bought back in because the returns were frankly an absurdity.

  • You cannot predict when the bottom will be. You will only know when the bottom was after it has happened

  • @StevieP true, although I don’t believe that people wouldn’t look at those August lows and think that there isn’t incredible value. Picking up starting keepers at clubs in Europe for 35p. Portu is up 70% on when I bought him, and he’s now at a similar level to where he was pre-brown Sunday. The potential returns were ridiculous three months ago.. At some point around that level those returns become too tempting. The one caveat to that, imo, are some of the premiums, which have been and continue to be grossly overvalued, and the young kids with potential that currently deliver no PB and many aren’t even in PB leagues. That area of the market is done for now, until there’s far more liquidity, and I suspect they’ve still got a way to fall.

  • The bottom is where footballindex say it is, but at least it can't go below zero.....I hope!

  • @NewUser173987 the bottom is where traders say it is. When dividend value becomes so great people will start to buy again. For some shares that’s already been reached, for others there’s a way to go.

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