Constant PB reward

  • I think a smallish but decent reward for accumulative PB scores every month would have significant and positive impact (scores of players who win PB could be excluded since theyre already rewarded in a better way).

    They had a promo i think a year ago which was something like im suggesting. If that could be a permanent change it would defo help the market recover and retain its value.

    Major reason for this suggestion os the fact that everyone will be getting some reward whatever little it is.

  • @Falcon isn't it not team of the month?


    They had a promo where bonus moneybwas given to accumulative portfolio PB

  • @Falcon This is Team of the Month which is already in place.. you could get a player who finishes 2nd on three separate occasions, missing out on PB on those days who could end up winning a TOTM pay out due to the scores accumulating up and being high enough to place.

  • @Falcon said in Constant PB reward:


    They had a promo where bonus moneybwas given to accumulative portfolio PB

    I know what you're talking about. It isn't totm. It was based on PB scores, but it was so complicated I think they binned it!

    I think FI are just being cautious because if they throw all sorts of permanent incentives in then when the market does boom they'll be paying out plenty. And the temporary incentives are only distorting the market. It just needs time to correct itself.

  • @Falcon Yes, I know what you mean. You'd get an email each week saying "this weeks total points are ...., you're x amount of points away from ....".

    Think I got about a fiver from it haha.

  • As stated i think TOTM is reward enough for pb consistency.
    While definitely a very good addition to the index it just needs a payment boost as since the dividend increase it's just a little lacking unless you win.
    This can easily be rectified though.

  • @Gazz127

    I disagree. 1p for the 4th best midfielder/defender of the month? 2p.for the third best? Out so many players they beat and reward is shickingly poor.

  • @UncleBeard

    Yeh thats the one but as i suggested the reward be a little better than that.. .

  • It was called super match day points and I think was held roughly around february before the 1st lockdown. It was something like 1p for every 250 pb points accumulated in a month

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